Mexico Getaway for Andrew’s 40th

Last week we boarded our flight bright and early to head to…


And this is how we boarded the plane.  😂😂😂

When Andrew and Shay pulled up to get us for the airport, Shay told Andrew I needed a second opinion on my shirt so she ran in, changed, and we all came out in tie-dye shirts with his face.  We all four could not stop laughing, but Andrew was doubled over in laughter.

It was FUN, light-hearted, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously!  If you are heading out of town for a birthday trip, I highly suggest you do the same.

With eight kids, six kids in sports currently, and the end of school year festivities approaching we didn’t have too much time to getaway but we managed to have wonderful grandparents hold down the forts while we relaxed at The Grand Velas Resort in Rivieria Maya.

The views from our room were STUNNING!  {The pics were taken a little closer to sunset.}

I couldn’t get over how gorgeous the grounds were.

Little did Andrew know that once we arrived, we had another shenanigan up our sleeves.  We all wore similar “Andrew” swimsuits to the beach on the first day.  You should have SEEN his face!  The staff thought our “Andrew” garb was too funny as well.

After an afternoon at the beach, we got dressed up for a delicious Mexican dinner.  My dress is super old from Lilly Pulitzer.  I bought it years ago and really only wear it on beach vacations.  These are some similar options.

All dressed up for a fun dinner.  🙂

My wedges come in three other colors but the light blue was something I didn’t have in my closet.

The next morning…check out the view!

Tab and I have to step up our selfie game.  Haha!  This was right off our balcony.

Both mornings we had the most delicious breakfast…always a made to order egg scramble, toast, fruit, and many other goodies {that was my go-to}, and then we snagged a great spot at the pool with the best views.  I got a couple messages about my hat and unfortunately, it’s old but this is by the same brand, just the 2021 version.

See what I mean?

And then a look back at the resort…

I think it’s time for a camera upgrade.  😂😂😂  When my camera is in selfie mode all of the pics are grainy.  Boo!  But this is us at night #2 at an Italian restaurant.  I had a carbonara but we all voted that Tab’s truffle mushroom lasagna was the winner.

After two days in the sun, Tab and I were both lathering up with this each evening.  It’s a spray aloe with oil.  We’d walk through the bathroom and almost slip on the floor because it was so slick in there from us spraying this.  But highly recommend on a beach trip!

Ready for our final day in the sun!

Meanwhile, a girlfriend sent me this from Saturday at home.  When we booked the trip, our schedule was blank but you know how rain-outs go.  A tournament got scheduled so we watched from our phones.

And then on Mother’s Day we all woke up to make it back home to our favorite people!  I love this dress I found at this local boutique.  I was crispy for our flight home.  I think sometimes getting a spray tan before a beach trip deceives me into thinking I don’t need to apply sunscreen as often as I do.  Lesson learned!

It’s tough getting schedules to align, lining up childcare {THANK YOU, MOM!}, getting everything planned out for when you leave, etc. but it is SO WORTH IT!  Getting away is good for my soul!  We had the best time with those Shulls and are ready to go BACK!  Happy BIRTHDAY, Andrew!  I’m so glad you turned forty this year!

If you’re looking to head to Mexico or another gorgeous beach, please reach out to us at or check out our website to learn more.  We’d love to help you plan an amazing getaway as well!

And thanks for reading today!

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  1. 5.13.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    Your trip looked gorgeous and so fun!!! So glad you all got time to get away too!

  2. 5.13.21
    Unknown said:

    Looks beautiful! Did you book a couples massage or anything for the two of you?

  3. 5.13.21
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Hi! Tab and Andrew got quick neck massages at the pool. I don't even know how long they were-maybe 30 minutes? I stuck to just relaxing poolside most of the time.

  4. 5.13.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I'm ready to go back right now! It really was the BEST vacation!! I wouldn't change a thing!!

  5. 5.13.21
    Lolly said:

    Hi Erika! I just checked out your travel agency website, you guys plan trips to Shanghai Disney?

  6. 5.14.21
    Auntie T said:

    What were COVID restrictions like traveling to Mexico? Looks like y'all had a great time!

  7. 5.14.21
    Joanne said:

    That is an amazing view! I just love those fun shirts and bathing suits.

  8. 5.14.21
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    What a wonderful getaway!!!

  9. 5.14.21
    Amy said:

    The lady behind you on the plane looks so happy to be in your picture. 🙂

  10. 5.14.21
    Michaela Anne said:

    Love it! Where is your floppy hat from?