Medical City Dallas…

Thursday morning we checked in at 9:15.  Tab and Bowen in the waiting room.  
 Sweet Bowen during all his pre-op preparations.
The area we were in looked JUST like the room the kiddos were in for their ear tube surgery.  I think that REALLY helped me.  It made it seem like not such a big deal. 
Tab left around 8:00 to get the kiddos so it was me and this handsome guy for the night.  He did really well at night.  He had those little probes on him to monitor his breathing.  He also had nurses coming in ALL the time to check his vitals.  We somehow managed to still get a little sleep.  
This is how he slept.  He’d watch the monitors and slowly drift off to sleep.
Tab and the kiddos came and picked us up on Friday morning.  
This little guy was doing great by then!!  We just relaxed and did lots of resting.  Tab even let me take a HUGE nap!  Wahoo!
So happy he’s home and out of that hospital room!!
Sweet boy stopped playing and fell asleep.  🙂

CRAZY week but oh, so blessed!!

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