Marla’s Benihana Birthday

 Cutest thing ever, huh?  ha!  
Tuesday night we celebrated Marla’s birthday at Benihana.  My kids had never been and were so excited about the chef cooking RIGHT in front of them.
 Ebby Lee and the birthday girl 🙂
 Love this picture!  Gary is one of Nixon’s very favorite people.  Nixon has his own nickname just for him.  Gary’s grandpa name is “G”.  Nixon decided ALL on his own to start calling him “G-Boy”.  I love it!
 When they brought out our soup, I started getting a little nervous.  Bowen can’t eat onion soup?  I had packed him some Cheerios, but he was tearing through those.  (Have I mentioned this kid likes to eat?)  Next up was the salad, and he can’t eat that.  The chef made corn just for the kids to munch on while he cooked.  (Which was GREAT!  Bowen loved it!!)  This kid started SHOVELING his food in.  Rice, chicken, veggies!!  He was in heaven!!
Have I mentioned that when I get out my camera Bowen starts smiling??  Check these out…

 ha ha!!  Maybe we have a little model on our hands??
 These big kids LOVED M’s birthday.  Marla was so sweet and brought glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces to make it extra fun for the kiddos.
 Singing “Happy Birthday”.

We had such a GREAT night celebrating with Marla!!  We love you, M!!

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  1. 9.26.13
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I just love sweet Marla! Next time, invite me to her party :).