Link-Ups in 2018

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

I have one kiddo down with the flu so it’s a slow, sick day at my house.  I’m praying no one else gets it.  But what are the odds?  #notgood

Today, we’re chatting LINK-UPS!  I get asked quite frequently {I think because of the Friday Favorites’ link-up} about link-ups so I thought I’d put a post together in January of the new year highlighting all the link-ups I’m hosting and participating in.

These are all the Link-Ups I’m hosting in 2018…

Friday Favorites
Every Friday, Narci, Andrea, and I host the Friday Favorites link-up.  This is a link-up where everything goes.  You can share ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you’d like.  At the bottom of the post, there’s a button that says, “Add Your Link to the Link-Up”.  If you follow the prompts, you can quickly add your blog to the post.

How We…Wednesdays

The second Wednesday of every month, Shay and I team up to share How We-do something.  The plan is we share how we do something, you share how you do something, and we all learn a little bit from each other.  You can see the schedule of topics below…

 Tuesday Talk

Once a month, the third Tuesday, Ashley and I host Tuesday Talk.  It’s a link-up where we invite you to join us and chat about anything on your heart or mind.

The Link-Up I always participate in…

What’s Up Wednesday

The last Wednesday of the month, I join Mel, Shay, and Sheaffer for their What’s Up Wednesday fun.  {THIS IS TOMORROW!}  For this link-up, we always answer the questions above.

I have a few other I will randomly link-up to throughout the year, but these are the link-ups I add to my calendar.

The first thing I added to my blog calendar were these link-ups.  I added them for the entire year and then I worked/will continue to work on filling in the open dates on my calendar.

If you have a link-up questions, please leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer or add it to a Q and A post in the future.

AND if you host any link-ups, PLEASE share them in the comments.  Hopefully, this will be a great source for all of us bloggers as we’re working on our calendar in the future.  Please leave the title of the link-up, the dates, and the subject.  I’m looking forward to adding some new link-ups to my 2018 calendar.  And hope you do too!

Have a great day!  XO
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