Life Lately

Our life lately has been a lot of this….
Baseball, baseball, and more baseball.

Typically, Nixon’s team is wrapping up their season around this time each year but due to everything being shut down for so long they’re playing for most of the summer.  Other than the heat, our entire family has so much fun going to tournaments.  All the siblings love being together and everyone seems to have a blast.

Hahahaha!  This made me laugh.  {But they do have us spaced out so we’re not all crammed together like that.  Just seeing this picture looks weird because it’s been so long.}

We’re figuring out the perfect supplies to combat the Texas heat…shade AND a cooling fan.  Britt was living her best life.

You could sub me or any other baseball mom out in this picture.  We get it!

An awesome mom on our team takes picture and this one was cool…do you recognize both of those boys?

Instead of the usual post game hand shake, each team waves their hats.

All that baseball has some of us falling asleep in our swimsuits on the stairs.

The new rules at the dentist office resulted in both boys waiting patiently outside of the car because they couldn’t sit nicely beside each other inside the car.  #momhasrules

This dentist visit looked a little different.  They all went in without me.

My gym opened back up a few weeks ago and I went for the first time on Tuesday.  It felt so good to be back!

We celebrated a special girl’s EIGHTH BIRTHDAY with a donuts in the driveway party!

 Britt and Mrs. Andrea tried to convince me we need our own Rosie.  I, of course, reminded them we in fact do not.  🙂

We’ve been spending our days poolside a lot lately.

On the agenda for the weekend?
You guessed it…more baseball.

Thanks for checking out our life lately.

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  1. 6.11.20
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Erika! I just LOL! Britt asleep on the stairs is EXACTLY how I feel after our tournament weekends. Bahahaha!

  2. 6.11.20
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Love those baseball pics! And Britt on the stairs is hysterical. When Carter was 3, he would fall asleep on the way to dinner about once a month. We would carry him into dinner, he would sleep all the way through dinner, all the way home, and then we would carry him straight to bed. The boy NEVER had a real nap after turning 3, but he would do this every month or two on the regular. So funny!

  3. 6.11.20
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    So nice to see life returning to normal and you can still enjoy summer!
    Love it!!

  4. 6.11.20
    Marshall Madness said:

    I'm so jealous of your baseball weekends!! I'm in Indiana and all of our summer activities (baseball, soccer, vacations, etc) were cancelled! It's so disappointing, but we are making the best of it and creating new family memories! But I sure do miss that baseball field…

  5. 6.11.20
    Rightupmyaliway said:

    That picture of Britt asleep on the stairs made me laugh out loud. Ha! Enjoy your baseball time!

  6. 6.11.20
    Mommaof3 said:

    Oooh I would love your tips on shade and keeping cool for kids summer sports! The SC Heat is no joke just like Texas! Please share!!

  7. 6.12.20
    Julie Bradford said:

    Britt on the stairs made me laugh!!! She was tired ☺️ & Nixon & Bowen outside the car 😂😂 that’s a good one ☺️ Have a great weekend!!!

  8. 6.19.20
    Unknown said:

    The baseball memes are spot on! I feel so accomplished if it’s all set up before game time! 😂