Last Day of School…

 I actually forgot to take a picture on the last day of school.  It was crazy, chaotic, and I’m pretty sure we were running late.  So…this was MY last day of school.  We had meetings and a party, so the kiddos went to childcare while I was busy doing all of that.  Here they are ALMOST on the last day of school.  This school year was great!  Ebby Lee had Ms. Faith and Ms. Katie.  They were fabulous!  She kept telling me how sad she was that it was the last day of school.  Nixon had Ms. Lacie and Ms. Karen.  They had a class FULL of boys.  Not One Girl!!  But…they were somehow so well behaved.  They had a great year at preschool!
Just for fun…this is how they looked on the first day of school.  We’d gone to Hawaiian Falls the day before so E was a little red!  So crazy how much they change in one year!!

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