Key West Day 4…

 In Key West, we decided to skip the water and take a trolley tour around the town.  It was actually the perfect way to get to see pretty much the whole town.  I’m not really a history person, but luckily it was a small island so there wasn’t too much history for me to take in!  ha!  I really did enjoy the day and the relaxed Key West vibe.
 As we were waiting patiently for the trolley to get loaded up, I sat in my seat (in the sun) and quietly that I might pass out because of the heat.  It was HORRIBLE!!  It was just REALLY hot with NO breeze.  Plus…you know when you have make-up and normal clothes on it always seems warmer than when you’re wearing a swimsuit??  Anyway, I was HOT!  Ryan was a LIFESAVER!!  He quickly jumped off and got a couple bottles of water.  Whew!
 Can you tell that I’m melting in that picture? 
 This picture is out of order…but this is where our boat docked.  So pretty!

 Back to the trolley tour…famous landmark where Highway 1 ends.  It apparently goes over 2500 miles.
 We hopped off the trolley at this stop.  We walked out to see the beach.  Not impressive…except a topless woman was sunbathing for all to see.  Maybe that’s why Tab’s face looks like that?  He’s in shock?
 Then the boys decided we needed a picture by the southernmost point of the U.S.A.?  Let me remind you that it was HOT outside.  Whitney and I (without complaining…ha!  Totally kidding about that.) stood in line with the boys for a good 20 minutes waiting to take our picture by this famous spot.  Impressive picture, huh?
 After hopping on and off of the trolley again, we stopped at this restaurant at the marina for lunch.  It was the perfect little Key West lunch.  Seafood, ocean, and a breeze!
 Across the street was the famous Key Lime we HAD to stop in and try some of that.  Delish!
 We rode the trolley a little more and stopped to shop.  Then we headed back onto the ship for our last night.  🙂
 All dressed up and ready for the Farewell Show.
 Last night of dinner with our friends.
 Our waiter, Kennet, for the week.  I don’t remember where he was from, but I do remember that he has 5 kids.  He’s gone for 7 months and then at home for 2 months!  Bless his wife’s heart!
This might be one of my VERY favorite memories of the entire trip.  I wish it was a video.  On day 1, we were hanging out somewhere and music was playing (music is ALWAYS playing on a cruise).  We looked over at Ryan and he was doing this dance.  It pretty much looked JUST like this picture, but he’d move around in the shape of a square doing the same thing?  Hard to explain.  The dance takes some skill.  It was SO hysterical!  So…throughout the rest of the trip, if one of us heard some music we’d ask Ryan to dance!!!  The funny part about it is he did this dance in the hallway, on the pool deck, on the beach in Coco Cay…pretty much anywhere!  Fun Times!! 
The next morning we got off the ship early to catch our early flights back to our kiddos.  It was a FABULOUS trip with lots of great memories that were made!  We had a blast, Bandermanns!  Thank you SO much to T-Nonnie & Boo for watching our crazy kiddos!!

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