It’s HERE!!!!!!!!


I’ve been a Big Brother fan for YEARS!  And am pumped about Big Brother All-Stars premiering tonight on CBS at 8:00 p.m. central time!

Big Brother began way back in July 2000 with the premise behind the show being 20ish {sometimes there are twists} house guests in a house full of cameras with microphones recording their every move.  Each week there are challenges and one guest is voted out until ultimately one guest is left who wins $500,000!  

Think crazy competitions mixed with the tribal council departures of Survivor all taking place in the summer when bedtimes are optional.  I mean WHAT could be better?  {Except we’re about to jump back into our routines over here because school starts soon.}

This season CBS has rounded up a cast full of All-Stars who are professionals when it comes to being inside the Big Brother house.  I can’t wait to see who’s inside the house.


Will you be watching?

If you’ve never given Big Brother a shot, you should try it tonight! 

Who’s tuning in??

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  1. 8.5.20
    Becky said:

    Yes I cannot wait to watch BB22 All Stars!

  2. 8.5.20
    Lora Bryant said:

    I Love, LOVE, love Big Brother! I cannot wait either!

  3. 8.5.20
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Why am I afraid to comment today????

  4. 8.5.20
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    I haven’t watched it but I’m going to tonight! I can’t wait!!!

  5. 8.5.20
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I had no idea, but I am PUMPED!!!!!

  6. 8.5.20
    Unknown said:

    I didn't know it started today, but I'm so excited! Love me some BB!

  7. 8.5.20
    Rachel said:

    I'll be watching! Can't wait!

  8. 8.5.20
    Lauren Fisher said:

    I can’t wait!!! Haven’t been this excited since March. Hahahaha

  9. 8.5.20
    Susan W. said:

    Is BB kid-friendly? I have never watched it myself but I know my 11 year old nephew watches and I thought it might be a little too "adult" for him.

  10. 8.5.20
    Amy said:

    Thanks for the reminder, I am definitely watching!!

  11. 8.5.20
    Brooke said:

    My husband and I have been watching BB together since beginning (before we were even married). We will be watching!!

  12. 8.10.20
    Jen said:

    We watch! I let my kids watch it (they are only 6 and 8) but they really just like the challenges/competitions so we usually just talk during the other parts. Most gossipy stuff goes over their heads, but it works for us.