I-Phone Pics…

I can’t remember if I’ve already posted this or not…but isn’t he handsome??

They played outside forever last week and needed lots of water when they came in!

This was their “Happy Birthday Grandpa” picture.

When Bowen gets sleepy, sometimes he just falls asleep.  🙂

Love this little guy…he had pink eye last week…so we got a day all to ourselves.

M got him a new paci…too funny!

This girl is ALL ABOUT crafts!!

Think they have enough bubbles??

Easter clothes…Daddy was sick on Easter.  So…we all wore our Easter clothes this Sunday.

Ebby Lee had a bad experience with the rope swing in gymnastics.  She’s been petrified of it ever since.  So…we went to the Reyes’ house to conquer that rope!!  Thank you, Reyes family!!
This is what we’re been up to lately!!  This is birthday week in our house.  Crazy busy, but oh so fun!

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