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You guys!  A COLD front has hit Texas and in turn, it’s made me not want to leave my couch!  #ortheblankets  #orthefireplace

Today is How We…Wednesday!  Once a month, Shay and I join forces to discuss HOW WE do something.  Our hope is you share HOW YOU do something and we all leave learning from each other.  #thatsthegoal

The topic this month is something near and super dear to my heart…we’re talking ADOPTION.

For those of you new here, eighteen months ago this week our family of five adopted a sweet baby girl from China.  To be honest, she changed our lives by turning us all into mush.  She has us wrapped around her little finger, all five of us love her so very much, and we cannot even begin to imagine our lives without her in it.  

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To be honest, this is one of those days I’m hoping I learn a LOT more from YOU than you learn from me.  I don’t have anything earth shattering to say about how we’re teaching our children.  My big kiddos remember everything about when we got Britt, so I feel like they lived it just as much as Tab and I did {but clearly, in different ways}.  We do talk about adoption all the time.  I don’t want it to be like Britt remembers us telling her one specific day about being adopted.  It’s something we’re trying to talk about more and more, because as she gets older she’ll “get it” so much more.  My big kiddos and I did just have a talk about what details they should share with others.  Like I said, they remember EVERYTHING from the trip and the experience, but there are details that are super personal to us and especially Britt. 

Growing up I didn’t know anyone close to me who’d adopted or who’d been adopted so the idea of adoption wasn’t something my eight or nine-year-old self would have been discussing, but with my kiddos it’s very different.  Earlier this week, Nixon was working on his Star Student poster for school and it asked him to tell something “Hot Off the Press”.  Any guesses what he chose to share?  {I have no doubts his entire class already knows.}  BRITT!  He talked about adoption, how his family adopted, how his little sister is amazing, and he didn’t include this but totally should have-how he lets her do anything she wants!  ha!   #spoiled

More than anything, I want my family to be advocates for adoption.  Adoption is simply amazing!  I’m blessed with an amazing family and awesome friends.  I cannot even begin to imagine how it would feel to not have someone in my corner…family, friends, or anyone!  Some kiddos live their entire lives not having a mom or a dad, simply alone…just the thought-breaks my heart.  Adoption has changed all six of us Slaughters in big ways…it’s taught us to love even bigger.  We could have missed this, but I’m so glad we didn’t.

Once again, if God has placed adoption on your heart, I pray you’ll act on it.  

How do YOU talk adoption with your kiddos?

Join us next month when we talk ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS!

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