How Erika Does Cleaning

Happy Monday, Girls!

Just what we all want to start our week off with….talking about cleaning!  
{Can you hear my sarcasm?}

I know this is gonna sound unbelievable, but I get asked a lot about cleaning.  

*When do I clean?
*How often do I clean?
*What are my favorite products?
*Do I have a housekeeper?
*Do I enjoy cleaning?

I started thinking about it and sharing a bit about how we tackle this at our house is a little like a “day in the life” post.  Right?  We get to see a behind the scenes look.  And those happen to be our favorites!

First, I’d like to send a HUGE shout out to our cleaning lady, Mrs. Norma.  She is FABULOUS!  And I couldn’t do it without her.  This past year is the first year I’ve had someone come in weekly to really scrub the house.  Before that we had someone every other week or just on random occasions, but after a year of working with Shay at Mix and Match Travel, Tab and I both agreed there wasn’t enough time in the day for me to do the hardcore cleaning.  Keep in mind, I’m still daily cleaning the kitchen after meals, doing dishes, flushing toilets-because kids (anyone else-hahaha!), and doing laundry.  

Before Mrs. Norma arrived on the scene, I tried to set aside a morning or an afternoon to clean the entire house.  I tried several of those cleaning schedules you see on Pinterest, but it always bothered me the house was never all clean at one time.  It worked better for me to just plan it into my week.

Nowadays, I feel like I’m picking things up ALL THE TIME!  We all pick up every night before going to bed.  And then throughout the day, I’m picking random things up or making piles for the kids to take up to their rooms.  I’d like to say I’m always whistling show tunes while I’m doing all this, but that isn’t the case.  ha!  

Now, if we have people coming over or something happening at our house I’m not frantically running around like a crazy woman trying to get the house clean.  I used to morph into a MAD WOMAN!

Deep down in my heart-I don’t love to clean.  I wish God had given me that gift. 

These are my favorite cleaning products.

Every time I even see a can of Pledge I think back to my childhood.  On Saturday mornings we usually cleaned the house.  My brother and I were responsible for cleaning our own rooms-picking up, dusting, and vacuuming.  Then we’d help with other things once we were finished.  I remember one Saturday my brother was done with his entire room in like two minutes.  I remember going in his room and the smell of Pledge was so strong it could knock you over.  My nine-year-old self just KNEW he didn’t really dust-he just sprayed the Pledge so Mom would THINK he dusted.  He denied it then and he still denies it to this day.  But I’m not buying it.  😉

In our house, we’re working on our kids transitioning to doing more chores around the house, but at this point-I feel like I’m the one reminding them ALL THE TIME.  Are you guys constantly having to remind them at your houses too?  Or is it just me?  Do you guys have any helpful hints about this? I usually ask a different kid every night to help me with dinner dishes.  That works out great!  I get one on one time.  They are being responsible and at this age-they love it!

At this point, it’s hard to even imagine me being able to count on them to scrub the toilet without me watching when they have the hardest time simply FLUSHING IT!  hahaha!  We’ll get there.  One day.

I’m sorry I had nothing earth shattering to share about cleaning the house.  But…it’s always fun to see what others are doing.  What about YOU?  How do you keep your house clean?

Thanks for stopping by today!  XO
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