Home Tour-Ebby Lee’s Room

On Tuesday, I linked up with Andrea to share our kids’ rooms.  I was having MAJOR computer issues, so I couldn’t load pictures of Ebby Lee’s room.  But…here they are!!  

When we moved in, her room was super plain…off-white walls and old carpet.  I don’t think I took a “before” picture of her room.  We replaced the carpet, painted her room purple (her new favorite color…ha!), and added vinyl polka dots to brighten up the space.  I bought vinyl ones because it was WAY easier than painting them!!  And…those coloring pages taped to the wall are courtesy of Ebby Lee.  I didn’t have the heart to take them down for the picture.  She loves having her art on her walls.  She wants to be an artist after all.  🙂  So…I left them…this is real life!  haha!

We pretty much used decor from her old room.  Her bedding and bed are from the old house too.  Probably in a year or two we’ll let her upgrade and have more of an input.  🙂

Her nightstand…we got fun Christmas trees for the kiddos’ rooms last year and they sleep with them lit up every night!  We all love them…so apparently they’re sticking around for ALL of 2014!

She has a trundle bed underneath her twin.  In our old house, Nixon slept there every night after Bowen was born because Bowen took over the crib.  Now…her trundle is perfect for sleepovers!

And…the lampshade is a little crooked.  🙂  She loves it!!  And…I LOVE that it’s the perfect space for her.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

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