Home for the Holidays 2018

I don’t know about you….but our family had a great Thanksgiving.  Now?  We’re ready to KICKOFF the CHRISTMAS SEASON!

This past weekend with family in tow we hit up our city’s downtown Christmas event, Home for the Holidays.  You guys…I felt like I just stepped off the set of a Hallmark movie.  It was fun, festive, and all sorts of magical.  I mean-it SNOWED and it was seventy degrees.  #onlyatchristmastime

Britt was a little unsure of the hay…it was pokey and she wasn’t a fan.

One venue had a little market set up with a variety of booths and a big train exhibit.  Bowen could have watched forever.

The ferris wheel did not disappoint.

Slaughter girls were FANS!

See all the smiles…

Until the descent…then Britt would cover her eyes.

We ice skated and in true Nixon fashion, he went full speed the entire time even though he’s never even put on an ice skate before.  To say he fell a couple times would be an understatement.  😉

Ebby Lee approached the “ice” with a little more caution.  At one point, speedy Nix skated by her, lost control, and knocked them both down.


They rock climbed.

Bowen got this far up the side and we could SEE his little body shaking!  He gets that from me.  Heights like this?  No thanks!

Grinch #2 in two days for our crew.

And Frosty the Snowman was there as well!

The weather was absolutely perfect as we strolled around town.  If it was up to this girl, we’d have done a lot more shopping.

These four weren’t feeling the “shopping vibes”.  ha!

Please note Bowen Slaughter’s face…he turns SIX tomorrow and it’s like he forgot how to smile normal for a picture!  

See what I mean?

Britty is a big T-Nonnie fan.  🙂

We had a delicious dinner at Spoon’s Cafe…my plate was a pimento grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup which screams, “HEALTH FOOD”.  hahahahaha!

This girl gave the evening two thumbs up!  

It’s one of our favorite events every year and 2018 did not disappoint!  Hope you got into the Christmas spirit this weekend as well! 

The Slaughters are READY for all the festivities!

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  1. 11.26.18
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    It is one of my favorite events too!! I didn't realize Britt and I have so much in common. I don't care for hay or Ferris Wheels either. Ha!

  2. 11.26.18
    Anonymous said:

    What an absolute blast!! I love that picture of Ebby Lee ice skating! How fun! This is one of my favorite events also!

  3. 11.26.18
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Hay IS pokey! And Bowen's faces made me actually laugh out loud. What in the world? So hysterical! And now I feel like my day won't be complete without tomato soup and pimento cheese.

  4. 11.26.18
    Rene' Pingel said:

    What a fun time y'all had at McKinney's Home for the Holidays event. Everyone looked so cute and festive, and I love all the smiles. We missed you at Thanksgiving but we had fun facetiming, and I love that we all keep in touch. Love to you all! Aunt Rene'

  5. 11.26.18
    The Expedition of Emma said:

    Awesome post! I Love your sunglasses!!! Do you know where they are from?

  6. 11.26.18
    Brittany said:

    My favorite thing in downtown! And I totally agree about the Hallmark movie – I think it is just a matter of time before they come here and film one 😉

  7. 11.27.18
    Julie C. said:

    I just love how your town celebrates & decorates for the holidays. And I'm SUPER jealous that you guys are wearing shorts & no coats. We got hit with a blizzard yesterday…total of 13.8" of snow!!!!! And tonight the temp will be around 5 degrees!!!!! BRRRRRRRR

  8. 11.27.18
    Maryellen said:

    Abbey Lee's outfit is just darling. I love it.

  9. 11.27.18
    Elaine Welte said:

    I love your sweater!!

  10. 11.27.18
    Kelly Hilgendorf said:

    Love your sweater! Where from?!

  11. 12.1.18
    Unknown said:

    Where is your sweater from? Hi