Heard Museum…

Luke and Ebby Lee…doesn’t she look so excited about holding his hand? ha! (I’m sure she’ll be excited one day, Luke!)

Last Sunday we headed out to the Heard Museum for our Children’s Ministry Apprection Night. Every year our church hosts this event. It’s a nice way for our church to say thanks to the volunteers. We’d never been before, because our kiddos haven’t been hold enough to really enjoy it yet. Anyway, we had a great time on Sunday. Ebby Lee and Nixon had LOTS of friends there and for some reason…I STUNK at taking pictures. I stole the picture above from Andrea!
Nixon is in full blown WALKING mode. He is cruising everywhere!! (Notice the nasty boo-boo on his face!) He’s already 13 months old!! Can you believe it?? He’s saying some words now and is really developing a fun, flirty personality!

I know this picture isn’t great…but it’s the best I got. She was super pumped about seeing the animals.

Can’t believe she’s 25 months old!! I also can’t believe that when Ebby Lee was Nixon’s current age she had a one month old little brother…ha!

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