Halloween Weekend Recap

This past weekend was one for the books!  Our Halloween plans looked different than a typical year but we managed to make some amazing memories!  

Can we start a petition to ALWAYS have Halloween on a Saturday where we gain an extra hour of sleep?  That was amazing!

Friday afternoon we met up with some neighbors and my big kids helped the younger kids carve their jack-o-lanterns.  These two boys have both recently moved onto our street and they happen to think Nixon is the coolest.  I can’t believe he’s the “big kid” now. 

Lots of fun Halloween creations were happening on the driveway!

We had sports on Saturday morning and then this…

Beth Dutton and Rip {from Yellowstone}, Patrick Mahomes, Anna, a hippie, and Rick Vaughn {from Major League} were ready for Halloween night!

Bowen’s wig was my favorite thing about this costume!  

And just a quick look at the real Patrick Mahomes!

Rick Vaughn from Major League-

And the real Rick Vaughn {I couldn’t find a pic with both his glasses and his vest on}.

Anna is her FAVORITE!  So there wasn’t even a question about who she wanted to dress up as!  She knew immediately!

This hippie was living her best life!

We hit up a couple houses in our neighborhood and visited with our neighbors before making our way to the Shull house to hang for the night!
Two hippies…one dead and one super cheery.

These two didn’t even plan their outfits!  But an Anna and Elsa Frozen 2 character situation just accidentally happened!

The Grim Readper and Rick

I’m sure Ariel and Patrick would get along great.

What a CREW!
Shay made a delicious chili, her parents brought the cutest Halloween buckets with goodies for all the kiddos, and we watched a spooky movie down by their fire pit to end the evening.  It was the PERFECT way to spend Halloween!

Hope you had a great Halloween weekend as well!  Now, it’s time for all things THANKSGIVING and CHRISTMAS!  Let’s get READY!  See you tomorrow, friends!


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