Graduation Gifts

 I started the glamorous job of babysitting when I was in seventh grade.  My goodness-the stories I have from my babysitting days…like the weekend I was watching three of the sweetest kids while their single mom had a weekend away and a chapel called to confirm her WEDDING {she hadn’t mentioned leaving town to get married and she never brought it up when she returned} or the time I was watching two of the wildest boys who were four and five at the time and happened to think it was hilarious to get out of the shower to strut around naked screaming.  It was like I was in the middle of a movie-it was absolute chaos.  I mean lots of lessons were learned while I was a babysitter.  🙂  I’m sure you guys have some really good stories too.  Please share, if you’d like.  But I vowed way back then to find some sitters that my kids loved and use them!  Take date night!  Go to Girls’ Night…whatever it is…just call the sitter!  

I’ve had some AMAZING babysitters for my kids throughout the years.  Some who are all grown up and married now but when we get to see them they still feel like family.  I will tell you one of the best places I ever found sitters was working in the youth at our church.  I also think you can ask the youth staff for options or numbers but the year Tab and I worked in youth we really got to know the kids so I instantly knew some names I thought would make great sitters when baby Ebby Lee arrived.  Also, something Shay and I started doing when a senior babysitter graduated and moved away was we started asking them to find their replacement.  You guys!  When a sitter has built a great relationship with your child, they don’t just give you any names.  They give you some GREAT recommendations.  I used to be so lost when our senior babysitters graduated but trust me when I say to ask those girls to find their replacement and you might be amazed.

Well, insert Haley.  Haley is graduating this week here in McKinney, Texas, {we’re going to MISS her when she leaves} and she’s been our babysitter for the last year.  She’s picked up Britt from school, watched kiddos, driven kids to practice, and helped me out whenever I needed a hand.  

Every year when those graduation announcements are sent I always wonder what the grads are REALLY wanting.  This year I decided to ask Haley for a list of ideas.  She did great offering up suggestions that vary in price so no matter what you’re wanting to spend on your grad, we have an idea!

*MINI FRIDGE*-I’d absolutely discuss this purchase with your graduate before you go ordering a mini fridge for their dorm room.  But Haley mentioned it’s something they’ll need but won’t want to buy with their own money.  

*PHONE CASE*-These would vary by grad and preferences.  

*LAPTOP*-I remember buying myself a computer before I went to college and thinking-“WHOA!  This is the BIGGEST check I’ve ever written!”.  hahahaha!  Little did I know on a super hot month in Texas our electric bill can rival that computer purchase.  Grown up living, right?  But this would be an amazing gift for a grad in your life!

*YETIS*-They come in ALL different colors!

*NOTEBOOKS*-This one is super cute!

*PENS*These are my favorites!

*COLLEGE RELATED GEAR*Here are a few places you could check out if you’d like to purchase college specific gear for your grad.  Tailgate always has some of the cutest stuff.  Rally House has lots of options or head straight to the book store online for your grad.

*GAME DAY PINS*-I didn’t even know what these were when she mentioned them.  I had to Google them, but apparently they’re a “thing”.  You can find a ton of options from all different schools to all different sororities/fraternities.

*CUSTOM GIFTS*-Make-up bags, hats, bags, and more.  Some CUTE CUTE CUTE custom items at great prices!

*GIFT CARDS*-Favorite place to eat, favorite place to shop, Target, Walmart, Amazon…grads would love a gift card.

*CASH*-I bet Haley doesn’t even know she did this but on the list she sent me she listed, “CASH”, twice.  😂😂😂 YES!  Those high school seniors would LOVE the CASH!  I know sometimes I REALLY try hard to think of something a little different but if you’re coming up with nothing-have no fear, they’d love the CASH!

Happy Grad Gifting!  Now, I’m off to get my gifts ordered!


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  1. 5.17.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    Oohhhh these are all great suggestions! As a recent grad myself I would recommend gift cards to places that will be around their campus! Or even sending a care package or two as the year gets underway!

  2. 5.17.21
    Michele said:

    Hey! I was a babysitter thru college. And all my "children" came mostly from church. I grew up in church so as you said you get to know a lot of people. I had a waiting list one time…HA.
    My favorite story: I was keeping kids (3 of them) for the weekend and the parents just gave me money to go out to eat for lunch/dinner. As we were getting ready to leave the youngest one asked if I ready to go since I still had a mustache. I thought I would die. HA!!! But..that's kids. Right?
    If you know a graduate who isn't going to college would you still go with gift cards/cash?

  3. 5.17.21
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    So many great ideas, but you can never go wrong with COLD. HARD. CASH. 🙂

  4. 5.17.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    so many great ideas here!!!!!! I love the Yeti one so much!!

  5. 5.17.21
    Ashley Byars said:

    Great gift ideas! We also find our babysitters through our church youth group and they've been some of the best to our kids! Also, I never thought of having them find their replacement when they leave. What a great idea. Thanks!

  6. 5.17.21
    Amanda C said:

    My friend and I tag teamed watching this one little boy – his parents knew he was a handful… At 4 years old he would find an open door and run – down the street, as fast as he could! He told us once he had to use the restroom, so we told him to go upstairs – he said no, I can go here – and he peed all over the stairs!

  7. 5.17.21
    Kokie said:

    As a teacher, I always have teacher assistants etc. that I would like to gift something small to or even the children of family and friends. Their favorite and they always profusely thank me with gratitude is that I often get them a gift card for their university bookstore. This way they can buy school gear, text books, school supplies, or even bath and body products.

  8. 5.18.21
    Brooke said:

    As a mom of a college kid I suggest gift cards to places around the campus area. Target is always a winner in our home along with restaurants because they don't want to use their money on food!