Going to the Chapel…

Today, we’re actually talking WEDDING!  

I thought it’d be fun to take a trip down memory lane to share our wedding with you.  One of our neighbors is getting married and we’ve been chatting all things wedding lately.  She’s been undecided about bridesmaid dresses, so she asked what my bridesmaids wore.  I instantly started laughing.  I thought at the time my bridesmaid dresses were so cute!  But the second she asked, I realized either-they weren’t too cute OR (this is the one I’m hoping for) they’re out of style for today’s wedding.  Kind of like when someone asks about what you wore to prom, you wouldn’t be caught dead in it now, but it was super cute back then?  That’s what I’m hoping!  ha!

I should say in 2016, I’d do it all very differently, but in 2005-it was the perfect day!

Now aren’t you guys dying to see the bridesmaid dresses?  🙂

A little timeline…
*June 2004-Tab and Erika begin officially dating.
*December 2004-Tab graduates and moves to Dallas, TX.
*February 2005-Tab proposes. 
*July 30, 2005-WEDDING DAY
*July 31, 2005-Tab and Erika drove to Dallas to begin married life.
*August 6-Honeymoon-we gave ourselves a buffer to move.

Wedding Date-You’ll see in the timeline there wasn’t a ton of extra time floating around for me when planning this wedding.  Especially considering I was about three hours away at college.  So we chose our wedding date based on what was available.  July 30th happened to be the ONLY date the reception site was open so we went with it!

Wedding Venue-Tab and I wanted to get married in a church, but the church where my parents lived was an hour away from all reception sites and yada yada.  We decided to get married in a church in the bigger town-closer to reception options.  This worked out great except we have/had zero ties to this church.  Other than-hey look kids, it’s the church mom and dad got married in.  If I was getting married today, I’d opt for one great location for both the wedding ceremony and the reception.

Wedding Reception-I’d gone to another reception at this location and liked it.  At the time, there weren’t a ton of options.  But…having Tab’s people coming in from out of town we didn’t need a HUGE area.  So we chose a cute little spot that fit our needs and it worked out great!

Photographer-WHOA!  If I had it to do over, this would be the first guy I scrapped.  haha!  Trust me, you’ll agree when you get to the pictures.  This is another, “at the time” things…but we got married right in the middle of more actual photography studios and less photographers without storefronts.  Does that make sense?  I remember heading to this particular photographer’s studio with my mom and definitely not falling in love, but not having any other option.  Therefore…the great pictures you’re gonna see today.

Caterer-This was hands-down my best wedding decision.  I don’t know who found our caterer…mom, aunt, or someone else, but Mrs. Peggy was fabulous!  She did tables and tables of heavy appetizers.  Definitely enough to make a meal, but she had the food tables looking gorgeous!  Bonus-the food was so yummy!

Flowers-Yeah, that was kind of a bit of a fail as well.  haha!  There were some things I really cared about and other things that weren’t as important.  The flowers weren’t really important to me when I was planning.  However, after the fact I realize I should have had more of an opinion.  I’ll never forget someone passing out the bridesmaids’ bouquets, we all looked at each other and began laughing.  I’m pretty sure I could have snipped some flowers out of a yard and they might have looked better.  Oh my!  They were BARE!  

All that to say, our wedding was SO MUCH FUN!  We wanted everyone to have a good time and I definitely think we accomplished it.  🙂  For ladies in the midst of wedding planning, remember the important part is that you, your new hubby, and everyone in attendance has a great time.  It doesn’t take a ton of money to make that happen.  

I was trying to think of something my mom and I really disagreed on when planning.  She might remember a good story.  I remember thinking without these certain slipcovers I desperately wanted for the reception, it just wasn’t going to be nice.  My mom was a big “no” on the slipcovers-isn’t it funny what we remember?  But I must tell you, the day of the wedding the slipcovers didn’t cross my mind.  ha!

Okay, now on to the pictures… (I just took cell phone pictures of the actual pictures so they’re not the best quality-but you get the idea.)

 To my family…you’re welcome for posting this.  🙂

 Yes, yes I did have my bridesmaids wear the same dress-just different colors!  I saw this wedding magazine with pictures where the wedding party all had fun bright colors and I loved it.  So that’s what we did.  At the time, no one groaned and complained but maybe they were just being nice.  haha!  Or….hopefully, it was cute then but just way more 2005, then 2016?

This is exactly what I remember…lots of people dancing and everyone having a good time.  No one’s gonna remember the slipcovers but they will remember the fun had by all.  🙂

Happy Day, Friends!

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