Gilmore Girls: Part 1

**Spoiler Alert**
I’m sharing some Gilmore Girls’ moments.  If you’re in the middle of watching, I don’t want to ruin it for you.

I’m PUMPED about today!!!  Just this weekend I finished binge watching Gilmore Girls.  And by binge watching, I mean watching any possible second I could to get closer to finishing that series!!!  I started back in the spring and have slowly been watching when I had time.  I thought the show totally picked up during Season 3…and once I hit Season 3…I was hooked!!  It was….


First things first…I LOVE Lauren Graham!  Like big puffy red heart love her.  I loved her in Parenthood and I loved her just as much in this series.

And Scott Patterson…oh my goodness!!

When I began working on this Gilmore Girls’ post, I decided I had TOO many things to share, so this is just Part 1 of a small series.  Don’t judge…my love for Stars Hollow runs deep.

My absolute very favorite two people on the show were Luke and Lorelai.  I thought it’d be only fair for me to start by sharing with them.
Some of my favorite Luke and Lorelai moments:

*The Dream*
As soon as I saw that rugged flannel wearing Luke, I was rooting for Luke and Lorelai.  I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for that to happen.  My heart about EXPLODED at the beginning of Season 3 when Lorelai has that DREAM!!

Remember the dream?  He pats her tummy and references “the twins”??
Trust me…at this moment I was scrambling to text Andrea to design cute invites for the baby shower.  I was ALL IN!!!  And then Lorelai woke up….waaaahhhh!!!

*The Dance*
Luke asks Lorelai to be his date to his sister’s wedding.  This was one of my favorite episodes.  We know at this point that Luke is totally into her (remember an episode or two before he “Saw Her Face”??).  It’s just sweet.  He’s not a dancer, but he asks her to dance.  So sweet!!  By the end of the dance, they’re dancing close.

*The Chuppah*
The moment I KNEW Luke had a crush.  When he built a chuppah for Lorelai’s wedding TO ANOTHER GUY!!  The moment I knew Lorelai had a crush…when she left the chuppah in her yard as yard art.

*The Kiss*
Holy Cow!!!  I’ve never wanted two to kiss more than I was cheering these two on!  This was like the kiss that was building for four seasons!!  This was hands-down my very favorite Gilmore Girls’ episode!  The Dragonfly opens, Jason shows up (EEK!), and Luke and Lorelai kiss…the best combo!  This was hands-down my very favorite episode of the entire series!

*The ALMOST Kiss*
This one is moving and I don’t know how to make it stop.  
#ialwaysneedtechnicalhelp #always

This moment was way back in Season 1…do you remember when Luke drives Lorelai to the hospital?  How much he cares for her is written all over his face.  Then they have this moment at the diner where it looks like they’re going to kiss and you wonder, “What can happen over the next six seasons?”.  But they don’t guess and we’re kept waiting.

*The Ice Rink*
That moment when Luke builds Lorelai an outdoor ice skating rink to make up for her bad day with the snow.  Weren’t they so happy in that episode??   And…I loved seeing his face light up when she was skating around.

*The First Official Date*
I might have teared up during this episode…when Luke tells her he’s “all in”, when he pulls that horoscope out of his pocket he’s been holding onto for eight years, and when he flirts with her quietly at the diner.  Oh my heart!!

*The Proposal*
As manly as Luke is, I loved that Lorelai proposed to him.  This proposal was just “them” and was absolutely perfect!!

*The Last Kiss*
I started stressing toward the end of Season 7.  It didn’t look like Luke and Lorelai were going to get together by the finale.  In my mind, I was hoping the finale would end in a Luke and Lorelai wedding, but them getting back together like this was a close second. 🙂
What about you??   What were your favorite Luke and Lorelai moments??

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