Gift Guide-Tween Girls

I know Gift Guides are EVERYWHERE right now so if you’re finished shopping just skip right on over these posts.  If you’re like me and are just starting to begin your Christmas shopping, then I hope this gift guide helps.  Today, I’m sharing a Gift Guide for the Tween Girls…think ages 8-12ish.  Some of these are items on Ebby Lee’s actual list and others are items she already has and loves.  Ebby Lee and I sit down earlier this week and we made this list together.

If you need some tween girl ideas, please check these out.  You can click on the actual images to be taken to the item…well, that’s how it’s supposed to work.  Fingers crossed!

1. Puffer CoatEbby Lee has a new puffer coat on her list this year.  This age is all about that sweet spot between a little girl and a teenager and this coat fits the bill perfectly.
2. Leopard CrossbodyA little crossbody for the win and coupled with some furry leopard..double win!
3. Kendra Scott Necklace-Ebby Lee’s first grade teacher had a strong love of all things Kendra Scott.  So much so that Ebby Lee has been able to identify a Kendra Scott piece since she was six.  She’s finally asked for a small necklace she could wear daily with a neutral stone.
4.  Fearless Faith-Ebby Lee has this devotional and highly recommends it!  Great for a stocking!
5.  Cruiser Bike-If this cruiser doesn’t scream “tween bike”, then I don’t know what does.
6.  The One and Only Ivan-Ebby Lee’s fourth grade teacher recommended this book to her last year and she LOVED it!  Her teacher has already let us know there’s a sequel coming out in the spring of 2020…just in time for the Easter basket.  {The Amazon review said third-seventh grade reading level.}  
7. Chargers-In our house chargers disappear with socks.  Anyone else?  My kiddos don’t have phones, but they do have mini I-Pads.  Everyone typically gets a new charger in their stocking.
8.  Fuzzy Chair-Ebby Lee saw this in the Pottery Barn catalog so she insisted we add it to this list.  Her room is just way too small to fit one other big item.  She’s out of luck!
9.  Gel Pens-What tween doesn’t love a gel pen?
10.  Karaoke Microphone-This is an oldie but goodie for Ebby Lee.  When friends come over, they still get out this microphone to karaoke!
11.  No Show Socks-Another stocking stuffer item!
12.  Headbands-Ebby Lee has started wearing some headbands and these are her favorites.

What about the tween girl in your life?  What’s on her list?  I’d love to hear some other suggestions!

Thank you!

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  1. 11.14.19
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Who are these people that are done with their Christmas shopping?????? Great ideas! I wouldn't mind a couple of things on this guide myself!!!

  2. 11.14.19
    Christy said:

    LOVE this list! My daughter is almost 9 and put this karaoke mic on her list. How does it work? Does she need a karaoke machine? Help!

  3. 11.14.19
    Mags said:

    This is great! I have boys so am never sure what to get my nieces so this is perfect. Thank you!

  4. 11.14.19
    Carrie said:

    I have a 12 year old and an 8 year old. The 8 year old is still in the kid stage. My oldest loves legos still and is into the more complicated kits. She is a reader and her kindle is just not working well as I am toying with getting her a new one. She also likes games and artwork. I got Catan junior and Simon says. I got the junior one so my youngest can play. She is a competitive swimmer and her biggest surprise is a team swim coat. I am fighting to not give it to her this weekend because she has a 2 day swim meet but I think I want the Christmas surprise!! My Christmas price point is not high, we just have never done that so sometimes that complicates things. Sometimes it makes it easier! I also got her a Percy Jackson charm bracelet from Etsy. She has been obsessed with all things Percy Jackson since 2nd grade. Trying to find something small to acknowledge her good grades for her first semester in middle school- lowest grade is a 98 and she is in many accelerated courses. She starts studying the day a test is announced which is a complete turn around ( always has gotten good grades but never studied).

  5. 11.14.19
    lauranailor said:

    Thank you, Erika! Great gift guide! Was wondering if you have a recommendation for a devotional for boys as well?

  6. 11.14.19
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    Great suggestions, I love the variety and different options for girls.

  7. 11.14.19
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Sooooooo many great ideas, Erika!!

  8. 11.14.19
    Katie said:

    Do you not have to disclose those are affiliate links and you make money off people clicking the images?

  9. 11.14.19
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Christy…no, you can use it with your phone or i-pad. It's super easy. I'm so un-techy and even I figured this out!

    Carrie…great ideas!!

    Laura…yes, it's coming next week!

    Katie…yes, it's all on my disclosure page. You can see it at the top of my blog, if you want to read more.

  10. 11.14.19
    azbaby24 said:

    I have 14 and 11 year old girls. The 14 year old is kinda above it all now and just wants tech stuff, makeup and gift cards but the 11 year old has finally hit the perfect sweet spot. She has outgrown LOL dolls (THANK YOU JESUS) but still has a love for slime (GET IT OUT OF MY HOUSE). On her list is fairy lights for her room, scrunchies, a new ipad case, and a new hydroflask with stickers. The stickers were a must 🙂 She also wants new bedding since hers is from Justice with unicorns (stay little girl). We own that cruiser bike, we gifted it to the 14 year old two years ago and now it has been passed down to the 11 year old and she loves it! Plus The One and Only Ivan was a book the girls had to read in school and I read it and loved it so much, gets a good cry.

  11. 11.14.19
    Julie Bradford said:

    THANK YOU.. Julia is loving reading these days and I am going to grab that book now and the microphone.. girl loves to sing and dance & she has a frozen karaoke machine.. time to upgrade to this!!!! thanks so much!!!

  12. 11.15.19
    Lisa Holliday said:

    My daughter is no longer a tween, but I agree with your list. She does have that fuzzy chair in her room (which is also very small). Thank you!

  13. 11.16.19
    Mommaof3 said:

    Great list! Thankyou for posting early so we can use your great ideas! I LOVE that Ebby Lee was involved in making the list, what fun to include her and her ideas/thumbs up are appreciated! My oldest is 10.5 and gosh is this in between phase rough! She still loves legos, slime (mom hates slime) and she’s very sensitive so I have to be careful with book topics. I also have a soon to be 9 year old who is hitting the tween phase faster than her sister LOL. Can’t wait to see the boys guide next week, my 7 yr old boy wants everything he sees! Happy Christmas season to your family.

  14. 11.17.19
    Aleks said:

    Thank you for this list!! It was so helpful. Look forward to your boy list I’m the future.