Friday Favorites

It’s FRIDAY!  We survived our first week back to school over here and are TIRED!  During school I try to get up early to get some work done before the kiddos are even up.  My body has been a little out of that practice due to summer and I’m struggling today.

Just like every Friday, I’ve teamed up with Narci and Andrea to share my Friday Favorites.

This week I kept a running list of FAVORITE things on my phone and I’m sharing them with you today.

This is a FAVORITE on so many levels!  One of my FAVORITE girls is releasing her THIRD cookbook on October 1st.  You can head over to Amazon and pre-order your cookbook now.  This cookbook is broken up into months so there are SIMPLE recipes for each month…another FAVORITE!  The pictures are gorgeous and the recipes will make you want to cook every night!

I’ve been a big fan of these Circle E Candles for years, but just this week I had one that stopped burning.  It wouldn’t stay lit and I was bummed.  It had a LOT more burning to do so I called just to see what they’d say.  THEY SENT ME A NEW ONE!  A FAVORITE when one of my FAVORITE companies pulls through on the customer service side.  I was so appreciative!

I shared my very FAVORITE book, Same Kind of Different as Me, a while back.  I recently saw on Facebook that it’s becoming a movie!  If you’re an “I-should-read-the-book-before-the-movie-comes-out” kind of girl…now is your time!

My FAVORITE view on a Saturday morning…sitting on the bar drinking my coffee while Tab cooks us breakfast.

Speaking of Tab, my sweet husband brought me back these Strawberry Yogurt Pretzels from his business trip.  He said that after two days of back to school riding solo I deserved them.  🙂  He’s my FAVORITE.

I started this Seamless bible study back in the summer and I knew I had to add it to my FAVORITES list today.  One day in the spring, I had three different girls randomly mention this study.  I didn’t think it was an accident.  🙂  This study relates all the big events that happen in the bible and shows how they’re all related.  I personally think this study would be great for old or new Christians alike.  I think everyone could learn something.  It’s a 7-week video series.  I’ve been downloading the video sessions from Lifeway.  If you’re on the look out for a new study, I highly recommend it.

I shared my big kiddos’ First Day of School yesterday. 
I forgot to add this note…
Bowen had randomly taken this Taylor Swift pendant to the neighbor’s house.  They decided to leave a note from Taylor Swift herself wishing them a “Happy First Day of School”.  A FAVORITE for sure!  

We went bowling with the Shull crew on Friday night.  Yummy food, great friends, and WINNING are all my FAVORITES!

Check out those scores!!  😉
I hope you experienced some FAVORITES yourself this week!  Here’s to a weekend full of FAVES!  Happy Friday!  XOXO

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  1. 8.26.16
    Kimm said:

    The cookbook delivery was one of my favorites this week too! That has happened to me before also with Circle E and they were so awesome about sending me out another one! And those pretzels look so yummy. Have a great weekend !

    • 8.26.16
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Mine too!! I meal planner already for next week with a big smile on my face. :). I was so impressed they sent me a new one. And the pretzels were delicious. 🙂

  2. 8.26.16
    Anonymous said:

    So much to comment on today, but I was totally distracted by your bowling score!! Dang! Get yourself a personalized shirt and join a bowling league why don't you! Haha!!

    • 8.26.16
      Erika Slaughter said:

      You're right! I need to sign up! Hahaha!

  3. 8.26.16
    Aja said:

    I'm giggling at Tab wearing loafers while practically everyone else is in rain boots! That would totally be my husband. He think rain boots are ridiculous (and I have a pair!)

  4. 8.26.16
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    You're my favorite for sharing my cookbook. You're not my favorite for kicking our butts in bowling ;).

  5. 8.26.16
    a little bit of emily said:

    Way to rock it at bowling! That sounds like such a fun Friday night!

  6. 8.26.16
    Shelbee on the Edge said:

    We have one more week until school starts and I am a little nervous about the tired that is about to set in! My oldest starts kindergarten and the bus comes at 7:45! Yikes! We are going to start the routine on Monday just to get acclimated by the 6th! I love your list of favorites. Yogurt pretzels and my husband cooking breakfast are some of my faves, too!


  7. 8.26.16
    Shelly @ The Queen in Between said:

    You will love, love, love Seamless! Have a super weekend Slaughters!

  8. 8.26.16
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I have a candle (not Circle E) that stopped burning as well! I'm going to find their customer service line!!!! Cute pic of y'all before bowling! Dang, you guys are a big group!

  9. 8.26.16
    Kristin Tate said:

    Love your Friday! I wanted to also say that reading the little bit about Tab's sweet surprise made me realize it's been a good Mississippi minute since I've done something like that for my sweet husband. I'll go today and do something unexpected, thanks for posting that.

  10. 8.26.16 said:

    What a fun week!!

  11. 8.26.16
    Meg Taylor said:

    I love it when companies have great customer service! One time Zappos sent me the wrong item, and they insisted that I keep the wrong one in addition to sending me the right one! Those pretzels also look amazing – I've never heard of ones being dipped in strawberry yogurt – my favorite! Have a great weekend!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  12. 8.26.16
    Jenny said:

    I had been meaning to look into that Seamless study. Thanks for reminding me…I forgot all about it. And I have the book, Same Kind Of Different As Me, but I've never read it. It seemed like the covers texture felt weird, and I couldn't get past that. Guess I should just buy it on my kindle. 😉

  13. 8.26.16
    Unknown said:

    Where did you get your shirt you're wearing on bowling night?

    • 9.1.16
      Katy said:

      I want to know too. So cute!

  14. 8.26.16
    Lindsay's Sweet World said:

    That Seamless book sounds really interesting. I will be checking it out for sure!

  15. 8.26.16
    Erika Powell said:

    My favorite thing is that you are rocking a Christmas mug in august. and that cookbook looks so great!

  16. 8.27.16
    Olivia at Joyfully Prudent said:

    My sister got me that Seamless book for my birthday in February. I'll need to pull it out and start it soon. Can Tab tell Ryan all hubbies make breakfast on Saturday mornings 🙂 Haha, yeah right…he hasn't been here on weekends…my husbandless days have commenced

  17. 8.28.16
    Anonymous said:

    Same Kind of Different as Me is one of my favorites… can't wait for the moving to come out! Have a great weekend!

  18. 8.30.16
    stacey said:

    what a coincidence: I am on chapter 14 of "same kind of different as me" and I was thinking this would be great movie and I an not even half way done reading it!!
    also, I am on the 3rd week of 'seamless' with my community group! I love it and plan on doing it again especially since I just got back from Israel a few months ago! #greatminds… #theyreallydothinkalike