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Happy Friday, Girls!!  I’m teaming up with my girls, Andrea and Narci for our Friday’s Favorites Link-Up.  You should join us!

Today, I’m sharing one of my very FAVORITE moments that happened this week.  Ebby Lee met her kindergarten teacher!!  I used to teach third grade so I had some expectations.  But…they definitely surpassed them!  I had so many little worries and meeting the teacher, seeing the classroom, and checking out the rest of the school gave me so much peace!  She is going to rock kindergarten!!

She had directions on her desk, so we quickly got right down to business.  We put away her supplies, checked out her cubby, and place on the carpet….things like that.

Ebby Lee was SO excited!!  I know she’ll be nervous on Monday, but once she gets to know some kiddos in her class it’ll be great.

Sorry about my weird face….but doesn’t this classroom just look cozy??  It was SO CUTE!

I’m going to miss this girl like CRAZY during the day, but I’m so excited about getting to experience this new adventure with her!

My prediction….Tab is going to cry like a baby on Monday.  🙂  We’ll be a mess!  haha!

Look who we saw in the parking lot!!  These girls both looked WAY more confident at the end of the night than they were at the beginning…hahaha!  They’re going to have a great year in kindergarten!!

Please join us and link up with your Friday Favorites!  🙂

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