Friday Favorites

Hey!  Hey!  It’s the weekend!  Andrea, Narci, and I are sharing our Friday Favorites.  You should join the party!  Blog your favorite, link back to us, and then join the link-up!

First of all, THANK YOU!  Thank you for the sweet words of encouragement to me!  You guys were so uplifting to me yesterday and I so appreciate it!  Because right after my post went live, this happened…

Boo!!  This isn’t my phone.  But mine looks really close to this.  You know when you get little shards of glass in your fingers or hair every time you use or talk on the phone?  ha!  That’s happening!

It’s not the end of the world.  It happens, right?  I’m just trying to avoid this…

Also, THANK YOU for all the votes on my cocktail dresses!  I really appreciated you taking your time to give me your opinion.  I ordered these four….
Dress #2   

My plan is to try them all on and take pictures.  I’ll let you know how it goes next week.  I feel like you guys are invested in this whole dress thing now, right?  🙂  I’m super giddy about the new shoes!!!

Several of you asked about the Easter study I have started.  I ordered the Sacred Holidays Easter study.  I think you still have time to order the downloadable version.  You can check it out here

I know a big part of you already got plenty of snow earlier this week, but Dallas hasn’t really gotten anything all winter long.  The forecast is saying we MIGHT get a LITTLE sleet on Monday morning.  I’m hoping Ebby Lee has her very first snow day!  Then it can all melt Monday night and winter can be over.  🙂

You guys!!!  Normally, I’m a big book reader and read a little before bed every night.  Not anymore!  I HAVE to finish Parenthood!!  Every free second I have is spent watching!  It’s a serious problem.  I’m on Season 5 so the end is near.  But…I need to finish soon, so I can get back into my normal book routine!  I found this article and thought it was interesting.  Did you know Adam and Sarah in real life are a couple??  CRAZY!!

Favorite Things:

On Monday, Andrea and I will be sharing our Favorite Things at Target!  You should join us!

Hope you ladies have a fabulous weekend!!!  Relax and maybe watch Parenthood?  🙂

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  1. 2.20.15
    Megan said:

    Parenthood is the best!!

  2. 2.20.15
    Living In This Season said:

    Parenthood was such a good show! Loved it. Those dresses are all beautiful- can't wait to see which one you choose. Have a great weekend and thanks for hosting!

  3. 2.20.15
    Anonymous said:

    Oh my, I am loving me some Parenthood right now. My husband and I just started watching it Monday night and we are on Season 2 already! I have Dress #5 in dark purple and I love it! I get so many compliments when I wear it. It's the perfect dress for weddings or a fancy dinner 🙂 I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures and which one is your favorite!

  4. 2.20.15
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    You should have told the story about how you broke the phone news to Tab. Funniest story I've heard ALL WEEK! 🙂

  5. 2.20.15
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I'm actually praying for a snow day! My kiddos want one so much! Come on snow!

  6. 2.20.15
    Anonymous said:

    I started parenthood this week also, and I love it!!! So good!! And, hope we get a snow day on Monday–the kids would have so much fun!! Xoxo

  7. 2.20.15
    Jen said:

    Can't wait to see your fashion show with the new dresses! 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  8. 2.20.15
    Kelli @ A Deeper Joy said:

    We recently watched Parenthood on Netflix and were so sad that it ended on Season 5. I can't wait to them to put Season 6 on Netflix so we can see the rest!

  9. 2.20.15
    Unknown said:

    I love parenthood, and i do believe if you go to you can watch all of season 6. 🙂

  10. 2.20.15
    Andrea - Momfessionals said:

    I did NOT know that Adam and Sarah were a couple!!! And my mind is pretty much blown!!! I'm looking at a 4-day weekend over Easter UNLESS we get a snow day, so you better pray EXTRA hard since I'll be sending up tons that we still have school (I'd be cool with a delayed start… but nothing more). hahaha

  11. 2.20.15
    Jenny said:

    My husband and I just started watching Parenthood on Netflix about a month ago and I am addicted! We are almost finished with season 3.

  12. 2.20.15
    Tracy said:

    I must have missed the post about the dresses. Those are all lovely!

    Parenthood is the best! I just finished watching the final four episodes this week and I just don't know what I'm going to do without my weekly visit with the Bravermans! Love them!

  13. 2.20.15
    Kimm said:

    Oh no about your phone;(. And dress 2 is my favorite. Have a great weekend

  14. 2.20.15
    Chelsea said:

    Love the Fun cocktail dresses 🙂 Happy Friday
    Chelsea @

  15. 2.20.15
    nelle monaco said:

    be still my heart- my husband and i are doing the SAME thing with parenthood right now- so in love. we have been watching it in bed every night {i cry ever episode and just love it so much} i actually blogged about it on Monday and listed our top five bravermans- would love to hear yours! i had no idea about adam and sarah 🙂 wow. thank you for sharing and enjoy! and season six is on hulu i have heard- we just started season four!

  16. 2.20.15
    Michaela said:

    Parenthood is the sweetest show around. I just loved it and was SO SAD when it ended!

  17. 2.20.15
    V @ X-tremely V said:

    Can't wait to see what dress you choose! Love them all! And Parenthood is just amazing!

  18. 2.20.15
    Heidi McCahan said:

    Love the dresses! I want to watch Parenthood from the beginning but I don't because I'll never stop. Ha! Such a great show. I hope you get some winter weather, the kind that's good for sledding. Thanks for hosting a fun link up.

  19. 2.21.15
    Meagan Ruse said:

    I had no idea they were a real life couple! I can't get over this! I binged watched Parenthood on Netflix and now I'm waiting on the final season. So far, I've managed to avoid the spoilers!

  20. 2.21.15
    Debbie said:

    I just started Parenthood last night and stayed up way too late watching several episodes. I just couldn't quit! HA! I'm sure I'll do the same tonight!

  21. 2.21.15
    Angela Ellingson said:

    I LOVE those dresses so much!!!!!! Parenthood is the best show ever! I can totally relate to the binge watching. It's crazy how it overtakes you. You're almost there! Ha

  22. 2.21.15
    Carylee said:

    Your cocktail dresses look awesome! Can't wait to see which one you pick! I'm on a hunt for my brother's wedding and it's a daunting task!!
    And I'm so with you on the snow. I wished so hard for a snow day. Finally got one, and now POOF! It can go away and be spring! 🙂
    Thanks for hosting!
    Carylee | more pieces of me

  23. 2.21.15
    Unknown said:

    Aren't snow days just the best?!

  24. 2.22.15
    Hannah Elizabeth said:

    I am OBSESSED with Parenthood right now too!! My hubby and I have been on a major binge since starting it on Netflix recently. We are on season 4. I'm so curious how it will end, even though I'll be so sad to finish it!!