Friday Favorites

Andrea, Narci, and I are teaming up again to bring you our Friday Favorites!!  You should join us!!

#1 Picture Day
This girl had her very first School Picture Day!!  She looked adorable and after school she showed me her smile.  Trust me…it was fabulous!  🙂

#2 Sweet Home Alabama
One of my favorite movies EVER!!!  I forgot how much I love it.  It was on this past weekend and I watched.  Love this girly movie!!

#3 First Customer
Did you guys see my IG pic??  This week a cute little mercantile type store moved locations.  I went on the very first day and just happened to be the FIRST customer in the new store.  The ladies were so sweet!  They asked if we could take a picture.  I was laughing so hard!  (I have a nervous laugh and let’s face it…it made me a little nervous.)

#4  This Kid
He’s getting big.  He’s talking non-stop ALL DAY long!  Let me tell you…he has the ability at the age of not quite 2 years old to play to his audience.  He doesn’t love preschool yet.  He doesn’t cry when I drop him off, but he isn’t stoked to go.  My parents are in town and yesterday before school he ALMOST had my mom convinced he needed to stay home because he was sick!!  He does it ALL the time in Sunday School.  We’ll go pick him up and he’ll be gently rocking in the teacher’s arms!!  hahaha!  The boy has some skills!

#5 Dot Mom
Shay and I leave today for the Dot Mom Conference and I’m so excited!!  This leads me to my next fave…

#6 Off Duty
My parents are in town and I am officially OFF DUTY!!!  My kiddos absolutely love my parents and are pumped about hanging with them this weekend.  It’s a win-win!  Mama gets a little girl time AND they get to hang with the grandparents!

Hope you ladies have a wonderful weekend!!  Don’t forget to join us for the link-up!  Super simple…blog your fave ANYTHING and add your link!  🙂

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