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Happy Friday!

Whew!  I survived this week solo with all four kiddos.  haha!  It was my first time flying solo with the group and we all survived!

Tab was out of town until late last night.  Nixon had baseball camp every morning, Ebby Lee had Backyard Bible Club, we had several play dates in there, and we managed to make it to the pool three days as well.  #whowantstofistbumpme #haha 

Just like every Friday, I’m joining my friends, Andrea and Narci, to bring you FRIDAY FAVORITES!  I have a big ol’ post full of favorites for you today.  You might want to grab a cup of coffee or some water to stay hydrated.  🙂

First up, Nordstrom reached out and asked me to talk about one of my FAVORITE kid brands, Tucker + Tate, win-win for me!  Tucker + Tate is a super cute kids’ line at Nordstrom.  From swimsuits to sandals to everyday wear, they have it all.  My favorite thing about this brand is the price!  The clothes are all super affordable and everything my kiddos own is comfortable.  (Kid win in their book!)

I wanted you to see what cute and comfy goodness Tucker + Tate has to offer.  Bowen’s shirt is sold out but this is similar, Bowen’s shorts, Ebby Lee’s shirt, Ebby Lee’s shorts, Britt’s romper, Nixon’s shirt, and Nixon’s shorts can all be found on  (Free shipping and free returns!!)

Just like I shared on Wednesday most of our summer days are spent by the pool.  Then we come home to have some down time.  All these outfits are the type of outfits my kiddos would grab all on their own.  Comfy is their love language.  And Britt’s love language happens to be having her mama hold her.  That’s why her hands are up!

Can you tell we’re all a little smitten? 🙂

The colors and patterns all scream summer right now.  

I turned around and this kid was twelve…or almost.  Doesn’t he look big?  You can shop Bowen’s shorts and a similar shirt.

Super cute, everyone was comfy, and very affordable…FAVORITES!

I had to include one more of this cutie.

And a few more favorites…for Britt this tie dye dress, for Ebby Lee this tank and short set, and this tee for the boys.  Britt has a couple other outfits and a swimsuit from Tucker + Tate.  I’ll make sure I link them when she wears them and I’ll make sure to take a picture.

You can shop all the looks at the bottom of the post. 


Britt Bradford is everyone’s FAVORITE at the moment.  All the kiddos just can’t get enough.  Last week, Nixon and I put together this Jump-a-Roo.  We were really proud of ourselves.  If Britt gets really tickled about something, she’ll wink that one eye when she smiles.  So sweet.

Miss Priss had her first ever day at the pool with friends.  She did great!  She’s a big fan of the pool…so my days of laying out pool side while my kiddos swim are gone for a few years.  If you see me at the pool, odds are-Miss Thing and I will be in the water.

I fed her some food and then sweet Nixon shared his fries.  She was loving it!


Britt got to attend Miss Ashby’s 5th Birthday Party!

This little guy was such a good sport and partied hard with his bestie as well.

It was group picture time and this is the look I got when I asked Madeley if she’d hold Britt.  Her face LIT up!  Britt happens to be one of Madeley’s FAVORITE people.

This crew had so much fun celebrating Ashby!


I’ve gotta be honest so far the hardest part to our new normal is the fact that we have four kids.  (Mamas with six kids are laughing at me right now and I would be to if I were you. ;))  Britt is a really easy baby…she eats well, sleeps well, and has a pretty laid back attitude but four kids is a lot.  On this particular day we’d been home two weeks and in the late afternoon I loaded all four up to make a major Costco run.  I’m talking two carts BIG trip kind of run.  Ebby Lee and Nixon both pushed.  I directed traffic (and by traffic-I mean I made sure no one ran up on anyone else’s heels because YYYYIIIIIIIKKKKKEEEESSSS does that hurt!).  We kept it moving quickly and after loading everything in the back of the car I had this moment of being so proud of myself.  (I’m throwing humility out the window for just a bit…haha!).  It was the first time I gave myself a pep talk  and was saying…You’ve got this!  Up until this point, I’d forgotten the diaper bag, somebody was crying, or we were just a hot mess at all errands.  So I’m definitely not saying I have it all together all the time.  NO, I’m saying I had one moment in the first two weeks of us being a family of six and I thought it deserved documenting.  I also might have called Tab and bragged about how well the Costco trip went.  On the way out of the parking lot, one kiddo hit another kiddo and the moment was completely over.  I’m glad I took the picture because it didn’t last long.


In the last week, we’ve been to four doctor’s appointments.  I’ve had a random assortment of kiddos at each one and I must tell you they were so good.  I bragged about them on Instagram last week.


A Sunday selfie with my FAVORITE five people  🙂

Any Southern Charm watchers out there?  I was channeling my inner-Cameran.


Sunday afternoon, I took two hours off for some much needed ME time!  I headed straight to the nail salon for a manicure and pedicure.  I was a little happy about it.  haha!


My two hours alone were complete motherhood minutes…where you’re so tired and just need to be alone but the second you’re gone you miss them.  Sigh.  Anyone else do that?  This crew is my absolute FAVORITE.

If you’ve missed any China posts, you can check them out here…Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

A big THANK YOU to Nordstrom for partnering with me today.  Again, you can shop the post here…

Don’t forget to join the link-up!  Hope you have a great Friday!  XO

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  1. 6.16.17
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Britt's little left eye winky thing KILLS ME. I love it. And we love Tucker and Tate too! The pics of the kids are great!

  2. 6.16.17
    R's Rue said:

    You've got this. Blessings.

  3. 6.16.17
    Elizabeth Feldpausch said:

    I love all the clothes!! Also- we have that jumper and it's best!! My dad laughs at me for singing along with the music! 😂
    Also- a mirror for the headrest on Britt's seat is a game changer! It didn't take my daughter long to learn she can see me through the mirrors as well and it's super helpful when she gets fussy!

  4. 6.16.17
    Trista @ The Classy Chaos said:

    Oh my goodness, I struggle going to the store with two in tow, so yes, you get a fist bump!! And I am loving how long your hair is! You look gorgeous. Happy Weekend!

  5. 6.16.17
    Narci said:

    Tucker and Tate is so cute! We love that brand! Also, Britt is the jumperoo is possibly the cutest thing ever!!

  6. 6.16.17
    Kimm said:

    After I had Olivia I was always giving myself pep talks and being super proud of myself for getting all 5 up, fed out the door and to school on time ! Have a great weekend. And Britt is just precious

  7. 6.16.17
    Megan @ Letting In The Light Blog said:

    Girl you are ROCKING being a mama of four! Teach me your ways because I'm starting to panic!

  8. 6.16.17
    Mauraloon said:

    Love the pictures of sweet Britt!! Inner Cameran yes!!!

    Will you only be blogging 3 days a week now?

  9. 6.16.17
    Unknown said:

    Erika, you can brag about your Costco trip! It needs to be celebrated and we are cheering along with you. 4 is A LOT…I have 2 and I'm still adjusting. I would have documented that just with my 2. Don't feel bad or not humble by sharing. We love it!!!!

  10. 6.16.17
    Julie Bradford said:

    I just love your attitude and personality… you rocked the Costco trip..Congrats!!! hahaha love all the pics of those precious kiddos..

  11. 6.16.17
    Angela Ellingson said:

    *fist bump*
    You're doing awesome mama! Britt is clearly very loved by many. Madeley's face when she got to hold her is the best!

  12. 6.16.17
    Alicia Marie said:

    Costco any time deserves a fist bump! Can you link where you got Britt's bow headbands? They are SO sweet on her.

  13. 6.16.17
    Whitney Pegram said:

    You go girl flying solo! 😉 I still can't get over how stinkin' cute Britt is! And I'm heading over to right now to check out that clothing line. We love "comfy clothes" around here! Happy Friday!

  14. 6.16.17
    Lisa said:

    Sometimes a mama just has to brag and say "I DID IT". You go woman! I think Madeley's face is so sweet when she's "holding" Britt. I bet those two will have a precious friendship. Congratulations on a solo parenting week win!

  15. 6.16.17
    Olivia at Joyfully Prudent said:

    Super cute clothes! Comfy is my choice for all kid clothes. And I have that exact same nail polish color on my nails (well white-ish) 🙂

  16. 6.16.17
    Meg Taylor said:

    What a great week, and I love that kids' brand of clothes. I am a Southern Charm fan (living in Charleston, I guess I have to be 😉 ), and I can totally see Cameran in your look. Enjoy your weekend!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  17. 6.16.17
    bethanypkimsey said:

    4 is a lot! Celebrate!! Whenever I accomplish a master feat like Costco with a bunch of littles, I will just sit for just a minute in the car and thank the Lord for covering that time with his peace! (I have 8 kids now)

  18. 6.16.17
    Carly Heideger said:

    Hi Erika! Thanks for sharing your world. Britt is just perfect. Especially that wink/smile. What color is your manicure?

  19. 6.17.17
    Simple Purposeful Living said:

    Love following your family! Yay you for a successful Costco run, I have 3 and having them all home in the summer was like woah! We Have to celebrate those victories and encourage one another! big hugs momma ❤ xoxo erin

  20. 6.17.17
    Bethany said:

    I love the nails! I totally get it…..I miss them as soon as I leave =(

  21. 6.17.17
    Sheela Goh said:

    I think I felt exhausted just from reading your post 🙂 I am so much in awe of how you manage to stay sane with so many children #fistbump your children are lovely, and they look so enchanted around their new baby sister xo

  22. 6.17.17
    Jessica | Balancing in Between said:

    Love Britt's little wink! How sweet!

  23. 6.19.17
    Unknown said:

    My boys are named Tucker & Tate. I'm sad I didn't discover the brand when they were little. 🙁

    Britt is adorable!!