Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

This week has been nice in the Slaughter house!  I hope you’ve enjoyed your week as well. 

I’m joining my girls, Narci and Andrea, for our Friday Favorites.  You should join us!  Share your favorites (can be ANYTHING), grab our graphic, link back, and then add your blog to the link-up.  Please only link up one post.  We hope this link-up helps others find new blogs to read and if everyone linked up every post from the week, this would just be a hot mess.  So please only one post per person.  🙂  Thank you!

In “A Little Bit of Everything” fashion, I’m sharing a “Hot Random Mess” with you today.  See what I did there?  😉  A little bit of our everyday life with a few bonuses thrown in.

First up, this third child of mine.  Cheerleader Presley was throwing down some moves at the pool and Bowen THOUGHT he was keeping up.  Keyword is THOUGHT in that sentence.  

Notice in the background-Smith finally decides what Bowen’s doing looks WAY easier than Presley’s moves.  haha!  Let’s take a moment with Bowen’s tan line.  Not too shabby and that’s WITH SPF 70 all summer long!

I had dinner with these ladies last week.  The food was delicious.  We chatted all things business (well and a little girl talk too) and just had a great night.

These girls are as cute on the inside as they are on the out.  🙂

Have you guys seen this interview?  Do you remember this team?  I was the biggest fan of these girls, so I loved getting to see how they’re doing now.

Smith had a sleepover at our house last week.  We met Shay and the girls at the mall.  Apparently hanging with boys for 24/7 got to me and we all showed up at the mall to greet them like this.  #whatwerewethinking

Rodan + Fields’ had their GO NAKED DAY last week where for each selfie with a special hashtag they donated $5 to a special charity.  Count us in!

 Hahaha!  This made me laugh!  Last weekend at that family reunion, the cutest little five month old baby was in attendance.  I kept finding myself flocking to her and this statement rang true!  🙂

 Three-year-olds all have their moments, right?  But apparently, when I ask you to have a moment for the camera-it’s hard to do.  #beingthreeistough

 On Tuesday, I had to run two of my least favorite errands…car inspection AND registration, so I treated myself.  Trust me, the drink totally helped.

Nordstrom card holders, have you been shopping??  I have and cannot WAIT to share the goodies I got with you as soon as they arrive.  If you’re a card holder, check out all the treasures here.  Nordstrom hit it out of the park in the shoe department!  I told Tab that I was stocking up on shoes for the entire year.  haha!  
Happy Shopping!

 These two finished up their fourth year of tennis camp.  Every year they look forward to going and this year did not disappoint.

 Yesterday (on the last day) Nixon somehow got his elbow stuck in the fence, but his feet were not touching the ground.  I’m not sure how he did it, but he was basically holding himself up with his elbow.  Shay and I raced over to help him.  All the while, we were both in that panic mode and could form no logical thoughts about how to get his elbow out of the fence.  We’re also holding up his body so his elbow isn’t being pulled out of place.  Luckily, we saw a friend’s hubby about to swim laps and he rushed over to help us.  He was full of logical thoughts and Nixon was freed!  WAHOO!  You know after you’ve had an intense moment that feeling of-I was about five seconds away from losing my mind and SCREAMING for help or 911?  Yeah…that’s how I was feeling.  We looked over though and the other three kids were just hanging out like it was no big deal that Nixon was STUCK in a fence.  hahaha!  Kids!  In the picture above, Ebby Lee is explaining what happened.

 They have improved SO much over the last few years!

The girls would want me to tell you that when they had competitions, they ALWAYS won.  🙂

Have a GREAT weekend, girls!  XOXO

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  1. 7.15.16
    Unknown said:

    It looks like you've had such a fun week, Erika! The newborn quote is hilarious!! I, too, was OBSESSED with the Magnificent 7 gymnastics team! When I saw that the interview was one of your favorites, I had to let you know about this shirt that my husband's etsy shop has for sale: Fun, right?! I can email you if you'd like more info, or to chat about sending you one. Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. 7.15.16
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Oh my goodness! What a fun week we had! No wonder I'm tired…looking back at everything we did (or watched our kids do) was a lot! Happy Friday friend!

  3. 7.15.16
    Emily F said:

    I had not seen that interview of the Magnificent Seven. Thank you so much for sharing that! What 90's girl wasn't a fan of those gymnasts? I use to practice my cartwheels and "sticking my landing" in my living room after watching them! They were amazing, and seemed so personable. Now I am super excited for the Olympics. Have a great weekend!

  4. 7.15.16
    Anonymous said:

    What a fun week!! Bowen has some mad tumbling skills! Such a cutie!! Love all of the pics from Tennis–looks like they had so much fun!!!

  5. 7.15.16
    Anonymous said:

    Hahaha! The negotiations with your ovaries… I'm dying. Hilarious! What a fun week!

  6. 7.15.16
    Shelbee on the Edge said:

    Oh no! That stuck in the fence story is too much! Kids! And my negotiations with my ovaries have ended. I am so done having babies. Hahah! Thanks for hosting the link up. I would love for to come link up with me as well. Have a fabulous weekend!


  7. 7.15.16
    Brooke Richardson said:

    Oh my goodness. I would have been freaking out. So glad someone was near by to help.

    And the picture about ovaries is hilarious!!!! It's definitley true over here too, you would think after 3 kids it might not be so strong. Lol!!!

  8. 7.15.16
    Megan said:

    I'm dying with the fence story!!! Boys!!!!!! One time at small group Jude Heath put his head in a large decorative pot and got his head stuck. Similar situation. Ha!! He said he was checking for honey like Winnie the pooh.

  9. 7.15.16
    Leigh (Balancing By Faith) said:

    I can't really even understand the elbow story – how in the world!! Only boys!! I LOVED the gymnastics interview – it brought back so many memories and I cannot wait for 3 more weeks!!

  10. 7.15.16
    Kelsey @ The Peacock Roost said:

    Poor Nixon!! Glad you were able to get him out unharmed. I have been doing some serious #NSale damage and I don't think I'm finished yet ;). So many great deals!

  11. 7.15.16
    Lindsay's Sweet World said:

    I feel ya about the babies! I have some serious baby fever right now and I keep trying to hold strong! Haha.

  12. 7.15.16
    Confessions of a Northern Belle said:

    Those teeth!!! Is it bad I considered signing up for a credit card JUST so I could buy some things I saw I wanted before they sold out? I'm nervous that the things I have my eye on will be gone by July 22!

    Love the linkup and never miss it!