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HAPPY FRIDAY!  I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite girls, Narci and Andrea, and we’re hosting a fun FRIDAY FAVORITES link-up!  We’d love for you to join us next week.  🙂

I have some family fun mixed in with some reader e-mails/questions for you today.

Let’s get started…

Every year the teachers at the big kids’ elementary school go caroling around the neighborhoods.  They post what time they’ll be at each location.  They are transported via a school bus all decked out with Christmas lights.  The teachers are all sporting lots of red and green.  It’s just a fun, festive night!  And it’s a great way to meet your neighbors with school age kids!

The teachers sang three quick songs for us.  They gave out some hugs and then hopped on the bus to head to the next stop.

We mingled and chatted for a bit before we called it a night.

If you’re a teacher/administrator, I’d highly recommend you suggesting this for your school.  The Slaughter six give it six thumbs up!


On Wednesday, I went to grab Britt from the gym {please note her “CHEESE” face} and Madeley Shull started fake crying on me.  She said that she wanted to go with Ya-Ya {what she calls me}.  You guys!  I was like putty in her hands.  She could have asked me for a pony at that exact moment and I would have found a breeder!  It was in the moment that she wiped a pretend tear from her eye that I decided to spring her from the childcare.  I’m actually proud of myself for not having two chocolate milks pictured above.  It’s because Madeley didn’t think to ask for it.  #icanttellthatgirlno

One day…these two will be trouble. 


 Britt had a big doctor’s appointment in Dallas yesterday so we made it a family affair.  Miss Britt got GREAT news!  PRAISE THE LORD!  And then Tab took us out for a Mexican lunch.  It was a win-win for us Slaughter girls.  🙂


A sweet reader, Emily, sent me this picture this week.  I LOVE it!  If I’m being honest, I could probably have a couple laundry trees decorated in my house!  ha!  Now is the perfect time to remind you about the post earlier this week explaining how I stay sane during the holidays.  Here’s a secret…I don’t do it all.  During the Christmas season, laundry is the first to go.  It’s all fun and games until everyone’s out of underwear.  ha!  You can read the entire post here.

 And if you missed it, Shay and I are hosting this new link-up for 2018!  We’d love for you to join us for HOW WE WEDNESDAYS!

This is the line-up…


I got two e-mails about this jacket Tab is wearing.  I thought if two of you were asking a couple more might be wondering too.  I got this jacket for him last year for Christmas.  And it was a hit!  It’s a really cute heather grey color and to be honest, I spied another dad wearing it at the park one day.  And hunted him down to ask him questions.  {That sounds super creepy and weird but I knew the dad so it wasn’t SO strange.}  The color is really cute in person.  I found the exact jacket here on Zappos.



Atlanta, Georgia, girls-PLEASE help me out!  What are the MUSTS to do, see, and eat in your city {Family-friendly, I should add}?  I think we’re staying in midtown-if that helps?  I’m thinking the World of Coke looks like a must?  What are your thoughts on the aquarium?  I must tell you-I kind of feel like if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all?  But tell me your thoughts…is it a MUST?  Has anyone done the movie tour?  You guys know I love a studio tour so that caught my eye.  Or do you have other recommendations?  Please help me out!   THANK YOU!!

I’m off to run some errands, doctor’s appointment, grocery store visit….you know all those fun Mom things.  Hope you have a great weekend!  XO

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  1. 12.15.17
    Unknown said:

    I LOVED the aquarium when I went last summer (and I've seen a lot of them) and the world of Coke museum was really neat too! But that's coming from a nashville girl who went to visit not someone who lives there 🙂

  2. 12.15.17
    Bailey Bryant said:

    Aaahhh! You’re coming to Atlanta!! Skip the World of Coke. The aquarium is a must. The CNN center may be cool for your kiddos? There’s also Zoo Atlanta!

  3. 12.15.17
    Unknown said:

    Things to do in Atlanta is shop with me! No really.. Eat at the vortex, college football hall of fame, the children's museum,world of coke, CNN center… Depending on when you come check out the schedule for Chastain park to see if they have any holiday festivities planned.

  4. 12.15.17
    Unknown said:

    I grew up in Atlanta and I swear it’s still my kiddos favorite place to go back to even though my Dad retired and my parents moved about 5 years ago. We have 4 boys ages 1-11 and our last long weekend there was right after Thanksgiving. World of Coke is a definite ( more “museum”y but still enough to keep the kids entertained. It’s where we brought all out of town Wes when I was little growing up haha
    The aquarium is what our kids beg for every time we go. They’ve probably been 3-4 times. Even our three year old asks for it. It’s a must. You can also pre buy your tickets so that helps with the line! Lunch at the varsity?! It’s kind of an ATL thing. There is a fabulous children’s museum Around the corner from Aquarium
    As well. Stone Mountain would be a little bit of a drive for y’all from midtown but So worth it. Despite the history of the granite carving itself (there are sky tram rides etc) right now they have winter fest going on and it is amazing! Santa, 4D shows, a Christmas carol train ride plus a whole snow zone with tubing and snowman building( they make their own snow! I think your older boys would love it!!
    Atlanta is a great city to explore with kids! Have fun!

  5. 12.15.17
    riach84 said:

    The aquarium is an absolute must. A lot of times they are all kind of the same. BUT, Atlanta has whale sharks and they are worth the trip alone. Go to the aquarium. The zoo is also great!

  6. 12.15.17
    Brantlee said:

    Dying to get there to see the College Football Hall of Fame. I hear it is wonderful and it has a chick-fil-a inside.

  7. 12.15.17
    Dana said:

    Born and raised…not sure of dates, but possibly travel 20 minutes out of town to Stone Mountain. Check into Crossroad Christmas and see if it is still going on during your stay.Weather permitting Stone Mountain has tons of kid friendly activities in Crossroads area. Check it out online…big barn, sky walk, 4 D theatre, etc

  8. 12.15.17
    Tanya said:

    We went to Atlanta last Thanksgiving and had a blast! We loved the Aquarium, World of Coke and I highly recommend the College Football Hall of Fame. If you have a car and some time, Stone Mountain is really fun too. Here's my blog post: and

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. 12.15.17
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    That picture of you, Tab, and Britt is absolutely precious! So thankful for the wonderful news!!!

  10. 12.15.17
    Anonymous said:

    That picture of you and Tab with Britt is just so sweet! And, I can't tell Madeley no either! She has us all wrapped around her little finger! Haha!

  11. 12.15.17
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    That Madeley is to you what Bowen is to me. You want a fish for your birthday, Bowen? Okay! You want me to delete games off of Smith's iPad and make room for games you love on there? Hand it over. Those two know who the SUCKERS are! Hahahahaha!

  12. 12.15.17
    Shelly @ The Queen in Between said:

    I am dying over the story of Madeley! That is precious! Friends are the family we choose…that's what this reminds me of and I love standing in as "aunt" to one of my besties kids. Guess you guys are headed to the Chick-Fil-A bowl? So fun! My kids are heading with their aunt to the Belk bowl this year in Charlotte!

  13. 12.15.17
    Katie W. said:

    I live in Atlanta and work in tourism for the city. I would highly recommend the big 3 – the World of Coke, the Aquarium, and the College Football Hall of Fame. All three are very interactive and enjoyable for people of all ages. The ferris wheel downtown is also fun for kids and offers great views of the city. Dining – check out the Varsity for a staple of cheeseburgers and milkshakes, Mary Mac's Tea Room for classic Southern food, and South City Kitchen (Midtown) for a more upscale Southern food experience. There is also a lego land in Buckhead, just a few minutes from midtown, at Phipps Plaza mall, which happens to be some of the best shopping in the south. Have so much fun and use for any more info!

  14. 12.15.17
    Mr. Henry's Mom said:

    Skip World of Coke (you're basically paying them to advertise to you… And it's a little dull for your age group). The Aquarium is a must!! The Zoo has pandas and is just the right size to see everything and not get overwhelmed.

  15. 12.15.17
    Melissa said:

    I LOVE the fact that the teachers from your school carol each Christmas. That is the cutest thing!!!

    Also, we don't live in Atlanta but have been many times and I personally think the GA Aquarium is the gold standard. It's unlike any other (and we've been to several others) and is definitely worth the trip. Phipps is decked out this time of year and the Varsity is a must. Have fun!

  16. 12.15.17
    Laura E. said:

    Aww! Carolers and neighborhood kids playing together…looks wonderful! Love how Madeley is wrapped around your finger. And that laundry tree had me and my family cracking up this morning!! 😂 Happy Friday!

  17. 12.15.17
    Britt Hensley said:

    Oh my goodness! Those laundry trees are hilarious!! How cute are Madeley & Britt!? PRECIOUS!!

  18. 12.15.17
    The NewlyWests said:

    Absolutely do the aquarium! It is so fun! The dolphin and sea lion shows are great!

  19. 12.15.17
    Cheri said:

    Stone Mountain is a drive but a good place, The Varsity to eat hot dogs is always fun, Atlantic Station is a good place to shop, Centennial Park, I have heard the Center for Puppetry Arts is fun and The World of Coca Cola. A lot will depend on the time of year you are coming here.

  20. 12.15.17
    Unknown said:

    I grew up in the Atlanta area! The World of Coke might not be the most fun for young kids, for the majority of the museum, until you get to the top floor which is the "tasting room," and you can sample all of the cokes from around the world. But then everybody might have a sugar crash. Haha.

    I second everyone here who has mentioned the aquarium is a must. I went a lot as a kid, and teenager, and just went again 2 months ago with my BF and parents (ages 27, 29, 56, and 58). Three of us had been probably 10 times before and it was one's first time. We honestly all loved it!! and it's so kid friendly, too. Lots of things to touch and the employees at the aquarium are so friendly and will talk to you at length about all of the animals.

  21. 12.15.17
    Kara said:

    Is Tab officiating the Chick Fil A bowl? As an Auburn fan, I would love to "look" for him on TV.

    Love the Madeley story…"want a pony? I will find a breeder" hahaha

    • 12.15.17
      Unknown said:

      That was my favorite line…your humor is adorable, Erika!

  22. 12.15.17
    Lindsay's Sweet World said:

    We live near ATL and we go all the time! Some fun things to do – Lego Land, The Aquarium (it's fantastic! I've been to several in my life and the one in ATL is my fave). If you go to The Aquarium there is a lot to do right there in that area. You can walk through Centennial Park (which is where the Olympics took place in '96) and The Atlanta Skywheel is right there, too. It's a giant closed in ferris wheel and you can see the whole city of ATL from it. Our two small kids LOVED it. World of Coke is interesting, but I don't know how interesting it will be to the tiny kids. This time of year you should go to Stone Mountain. They have something called Snow Mountain and they make snow up there and they have lots of fun snow activities for kids – snow slides, snow play, and all kinds of other fun things. That would be neat for you guys since you don't see snow often! The Atlanta Zoo is good, but when it's super cold they don't put all of the animals out. I've also heard that the Children's Museum of ATL is great, but we've never been there. Ponce City Market is a cool place that has a carnival on the roof, and it's also right by The Beltline which has some really cool wall murals. I know y'all love Mexican so eating at Tin Lizzy's is a MUST when you're in ATL. It's kid friendly and they have THE BEST CHIPS EVARRRR. And the best guac. There are several different locations in ATL. Also, you MUST take the kids to Jeni's Splendid ice cream. Best ice cream you'll ever have – brown butter almond brittle! I have three blog posts from our ATL weekends the last couple of years if you want to see what all we did!

  23. 12.15.17
    Katie Prechter said:

    The Aquarium for sure…it's HUGE so give yourself plenty of time (and buy tickets ahead of time) and make sure to catch the Dolphin & Sea Lion tours. It's next to the World of Coke so if you time it right you can do both in 1 day but I agree with another comment above, it's a little over rated. The Lego play space at Phipps Plaza is fun too (and great shopping!).

  24. 12.15.17
    Sara said:

    YES to the aquarium. World of Coke used to be SO MUCH better but since they've moved it, it's super boring. Makes me sad cause that was one of my favorite things ever growing up. If you do decide to do it, buy a package with the aquarium for a discount on both.

  25. 12.15.17
    Rachel_Ack said:

    Absolutely do the College Football Hall of Fame! So fun! Also go eat at Mary Macs Tea Room. 😍 I would also recommend seeing a show at the Fox Theatre.

  26. 12.15.17
    Laci said:

    The Atlanta aquarium is like none other! Get a city pass and hit up the lego place too! World of Coke is fun as well. I love Atlanta!

  27. 12.15.17
    Mrs W said:

    The picture of you, Tab and Britt is a framer for sure!! And the Madeley story is too funny!! The Vortex is a fun place to eat at. The only time we've been there, my husband got the Coronary Bypass burger and yes there's a Quadruple Coronary Bypass burger. Yikes. If I remember correctly the Vortex is an adult only restaurant though. Just a thought. Have a great weekend!!

  28. 12.15.17
    Unknown said:

    I've noticed many recommendations for The Varsity I say that The Varisty is a MAJOR skip. It is very greasy and frankly just not good & the atmosphere is nothing special.

    World of Coke is very cheesy and would also be a skip – not worth the time or money.

    If you are visiting Atlanta before January 7th – I recommend The Atlanta Botanical Garden Lights. They put on a fantastic show!

    I recommend Ponce City Market. There is a rooftop portion (Skyline Park) that has a huge slide, mini golf, ice skating rink & games. Inside the food hall – I recommend H&F Burger, Botiwalla, & Hop's Chicken (their biscuits are fantastic!).

  29. 12.15.17
    Nicole & J.D. said:

    We were there just last month and stayed at the Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center, which was within walking distance to all we wanted to do that weekend. We walked through Centennial Olympic Park and checked out the fountains, did the SkyView Atlanta ferris wheel, and went to the aquarium (dolphin show is great, just get in line early) and World of Coca Cola, both of which we loved. I have a 6 year old and I was suprised with how much he enjoyed the World of Coca-Cola. Look up the city pass for discounts on choosing multiple activities. We weren't really impressed with our hotel (although the view of the park/ferris wheel was great) or The Varsity. There is also the Children's Museum (adjacent to world of Coca Cola) the zoo, and the College Football Hall of Fame, which we're hoping to do on our next trip.

  30. 12.15.17
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    You are spot on with the out of underwear thing!! hahahaha! I have to constantly check Mason to make sure he's wearing any! He prefers going commando for some reason! Ugh. And oh Miss Madeley…I wouldn't be able to say no to that face either! Or Britt. Or Bowen for that matter. 😉 That Inspired Chick

  31. 12.15.17
    Anonymous said:

    Lunch at The Varsity is a must! We live near Birmingham, AL and we may have driven the 2.5 hours over just to eat lunch there one is soo good!! #noshame

    The World of Coca-Cola is fun! No sure how long it would interest your kids, but seeing the bottling process was neat and they offer a free short 4D movie (I think it was 4D?! with little effects) Not to mention you get to sample drinks from all over the world as many times as you want. Also, you get a free fresh bottled coke on your way out, so that was really cool! I think it is decently priced for a short visit!

  32. 12.15.17
    Unknown said:

    The aquarium is a MUST! We also really enjoyed the CNN center. When in ATL, you MUST go to Georgetown Cupcake. They have the BEST. CUPCAKES. EVER. If you follow @georgetowncupcake on twitter, they post a "secret flavor" each day, and if you tell them the secret flavor, everyone can get that cupcake for free! Have fun!!

  33. 12.15.17
    Unknown said:

    Definitely the aquarium!!!! It's great for your age kids. They even have a little exhibit where the kids can reach in the water and touch little starfish and other sea creatures. We live outside Atlanta, but make trips to ATL to go there. I wouldn't do the zoo…it's kind of just average.

  34. 12.15.17
    Carrie said:

    One of our annual traditions is going to the Atlanta Botanical Garden's "Garden Lights Holiday Nights" – it is just magical and I can't say enough about it! Other ideas – SkyView Atlanta (giant ferris wheel), College Football Hall of Fame, Center for Puppetry Arts, shopping/movies/LegoLand at Phipps Plaza, and the Children's Museum. The aquarium is one of the best and the zoo is pretty good too (pandas are the highlight), but there are plenty of other things to do if you want to skip those. World of Coke has been redone since my last visit but the main highlight there was getting to taste different versions of Coke from around the world. Hope you enjoy your trip!

  35. 12.15.17
    Crystal said:

    First thing I think of when I see "Atlanta" is the AQUARIUM!! Admittedly, I am an adult that really enjoys a good aquarium… but, I've been to several all over the world & the Atlanta one is good. We did a city pass & bought it there so we could do the 1hr (I think) behind the scenes tour & it was great- WELL worth the extra time & expense- plus, if you're doing a cpl "attractions" while in the city, it was a $ saver overall too! Double win
    You even get to go above the giant whale tank & watch their trainers pull themselves via ropes back & forth across the pool tops in inflatable boats while the whales come up to feed! Which was a different & neat thing to see (& so closely). The World of Coke was a good visit too for sure. At the end they have a tasting set up (much like in Disney, but w/some flavor/country variations) & each person gets a bottle of coke as well. Plenty of lid things to do & interesting for the adults. The kids in our group loved getting their "very own" bottle of Coke at the end! Ha! The novelty of it all was in the air I think 🙂
    The Olympic Park is in the same area as well & would be a great place to let the kids run off some energy (you're welcome in advance 😉 Lots more to do as well- fun city w/a small town feel more than many others. You'll have fun for sure-

  36. 12.15.17
    Kelly said:

    World of Coke and the aquarium are both musts! I think your kids will love them both!

  37. 12.15.17
    Danielle said:

    the CNN center tour is really cool!

  38. 12.15.17
    Rightupmyaliway said:

    Love the pics! I live just north of the city! Stone Mountain would be fun if it's not too cold. You should go eat at Tin Lizzy's! Their chips are delicious!! Also, go eat at The Flying Biscuit or Buttermilk Kitchen for breakfast.

  39. 12.15.17
    Kathy Lang said:

    Hey Erika!
    I lived in Atlanta before moving to Nashville and I completely agree with EVERYTHING KATIE W said above! How can she be wrong–she works in the tourism industry! 🙂 Mary Mac's has some of the BEST southern cooking and is totally kid friendly. If you go on a Sunday, just be prepared to wait forEVER because everyone goes there after church, and I mean EVERYONE! Can't wait to hear about how much fun you all have in Atlanta!

  40. 12.15.17
    Gamama44 said:

    I can't give enough thumbs up for The Flying Biscuit! We love 30 miles north of the city and still think its worth the drive. The World of Coke is unique and memorable, but the kids are mostly just interested in the free soda at the end of the tour. If you're limited with time, skip World of Coke and enjoy the Aquarium. It's fantastic!

  41. 12.15.17
    MarilynsTreats said:

    Thank you for hosting. I love sharing with your readers and always find inspiration here. Have a blessed week! #OverTheMoon #WWBlogHop #ThursdayFavoriteThings

  42. 12.15.17
    Mrs. U said:

    Hi! Atlanta native here!! Fun Atlanta things are yes World of Coke, Aquarium, zoo, SkyView Ferris Wheel
    In Centenial Park, Stone Mountain!!!!. The Varsity is a fun place to eat (burgers, hot dogs, etc. an Atlanta original). Mary Mac’s Tea Room has good southern food. ❤️

    Mrs. U

  43. 12.15.17
    Elissa said:

    I saw an earlier commenter mentioned it and I agree, if you want to do multiple big sightseeing things get a city pass.

    I'm in The Varsity is a must camp. I've seen some say skip and some say go but really it is the holidays and if you can't scarf down some greasy but delicious food during the holidays then when can ya? The onion rings are my favorite.

    I would think for y'all the College Football Hall of Fame would be a must. I think that is on city pass as well as world of coke and the aquarium.

    For families I think the Center for Puppetry Arts is a great place to visit. They have rudolph going through NYE and then The adventures of gingerbread man the first week of the new year.

  44. 12.15.17
    Unknown said:

    Oh! And you HAVE to eat at the varsity. GOOD greasy food that is a Atlanta landmark! Plus, everyone needs a picture in the varsity hats!

  45. 12.16.17
    Julie and Scott Cooper said:

    I'm local in Atlanta and love reading your blog. Aquarium, World of Coke both very good, and our kids – ages 6 and 9-love both. Stone Mountain is super fun. Lots of activities and also Snow mountain sledding this time of year (buy tickets in advance for snow mountain as they fill up). Atlanta Botanical Gardens Night of Light is amazing. Childrens Museum, Center for Puppetry Arts are both good. Taqueria del Sol is the best taco place around. 3 locations, one not far from mid town. Don't let the line scare you-it moves quickly. Legoland at Phipps is fun.Enjoy your visit! Merry Christmas!!

  46. 12.16.17
    sholden said:

    Hi! I live in NC but we visit ATL frequently and I have to echo much of what has been said. Go to World of Coke- a must do once if you are in town and your kids will love the tasting room. Aquarium is awesome and we have been to lots of other aquariums. This one if the best of the best! Children’s Museum is fun and your little would really have fun there. The Varsity is just one of those places that is very ATL and you should go. Botanical Gardens is also something not to miss. We haven’t done the College Football Hall of Fame but we have plans to go in Jan. Have fun! We’ll be at the Belk Bowl!

  47. 12.16.17
    Susieutk84 said:

    I've lived in Tennessee my entire life (Knoxville and Nashville), but my dad lived in Atlanta most of my childhood, so I've been there more times than I can count. Like others have said, definitely go to the World of Coke and the Aquarium. The aquarium is one of the best that I've ever visited. Another place I visited as a kid was the Fernbank Natural Museum of Natural History, so that may be fun for your kids. For food, the Varsity is a must. Also, try Flying Biscuit in Midtown and Tupelo Honey in Sandy Springs for breakfast. I'm guessing Tab is working the Chick-fil-a/Peach Bowl? My husband attended TN-GA Tech game Labor Day weekend at the Mercedes Benz stadium, and he said it was state of the art! Hope you enjoy Atlanta and the game!!

  48. 12.18.17
    muntz_travels said:

    We visited Atlanta in May and did the movie tour. We loved it! They drive you around in a van and play clips of the scenes that you will see as you drive from place to place. I loved this because I hadn't seen all of the movies before! If yours boys are into the super hero movies, they will really enjoy it.

    We bought the Atlanta city pass and used it to do the aquarium, world of coke, Atlanta zoo, college football hall of fame, and something else that I'm blanking on now. If you are going to do all of these things it's a good value. We enjoyed the aquarium and world of coke, I'm sure your kids will love both.

    I highly recommend a stop at ponce city market. Plan to eat lunch there. It's in an awesome building and there is a ton of great food to be had. We loved flying biscuit cafe for breakfast and King of pops for dessert.

    Have a great trip!

  49. 12.18.17
    Kelly Henderson said:

    We visited Atlanta in August and YES to the Aquarium, it's fantastic! We also did the behind the scenes tour of the Aquarium and it was very interesting. We bought a city pass and did World of Coke, the Aquarium, College Football Hall of Fame with it. We visited Olympic park and rode the Farris Wheel downtown. We were there for a quick weekend trip but had a blast. We passed on the zoo because we didn't really have the time and we have a fantastic zoo in Memphis with Pandas.

  50. 12.18.17
    Katie said:

    If you enjoy pizza I would go to Antico in midtown (call beforehand and check on wait) it is not your everyday family pizza restaurant though but still kid friendly, some of the best pizza IMO. Ponce City is great. I would pass on eating lunch at the Varsity but instead stop by for orange shakes and apple pies, you will get to experience it but skip on the soso super greasy food.

  51. 12.18.17
    Ashley_B said:

    Atlanta Mama here! I can't say enough good things about the Aquarium, Piedmont Park, Ponce City Market, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, and the Ferris Wheel. Anticos Pizza, Mary Mac's, and Downtown Kitchen are amazing places to eat. Have fun!!!

  52. 12.19.17
    Unknown said:

    The aquarium is a MUST! I'm 32 and I love it. I've been several times. Doesn't get old. You should also check out fernbank. Have fun!

  53. 12.19.17
    Unknown said:

    Hi Erika, I'm reaching out on behalf of World of Coca-Cola! I sent you an email over the weekend to say we'd love to see your family when you visit Atlanta – hope to hear back from you soon! 🙂