Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, Girls!!  In typical Friday fashion, I’m teaming up with my girls (via the blog world AND real life), Andrea and Narci.  You should join us!!  Blog your favorite ANYTHING, post, and link up with us.

**Spoiler Alert:  Next week there will be a GIVEAWAY so you HAVE to check back next Friday!!**

Now on to some Friday randomness…

The kiddos had their last day of tennis this week.  I’m 99% sure Nixon will NEVER take lessons again and 99% sure Ebby Lee will!!  hahahaha!  I’m exaggerating!  Nixon didn’t LOVE it.  He needs a sport that has a little more action, but this was right up Ebby Lee’s alley.  🙂  Maybe her FAVORITE sport?  Notice in the picture, Coach Andrew let Bowen participate the last few minutes of class every week.

 Veteran’s Day:
I found this picture this week of one of my very FAVORITE veterans, my grandpa.  🙂

Brassy Blueberries:
Last week I told you that my friend, Whitney (from Brassy Blueberries), and I were teaming up to feature some of her goodies on Instagram.  Several of you checked it out and ordered some treasures.  Thanks for checking it out!!  

To participate today…make sure you follow me on Instagram.  My name is “slaughteren”.  I’ll post these items this morning and they’re first come, first serve.  The theme today is stocking stuffers!!  We thought all of these would make great little gifts for ladies in your life or they’d make the perfect stocking stuffer!

This chevron infinity scarf is black/ivory and has the perfect amount of coziness.  It’s $17.00 with shipping.

It’s a really cute scarf for only $17!

BOOT SOCKS!!  These boot socks are so cute.  I tried to take a picture, but it just didn’t work out!  My legs looked like they could bend in any direction!  So I spared you!  Boot socks come in brown, ivory, black, and grey for $13.00 with shipping.

This scarf is my FAVORITE find of the week!!  It’s a pretty light blue/grey plaid.  The perfect winter infinity scarf with shipping for $17.

This chevron cardi is perfect for any size.  It’s an oversize cardi (one size fits all) and will look adorable with leggings on cold days!!  The chevron cardigan is $42 including shipping. 

Last but not least….the arrow necklace!  The perfect little stocking stuffer is $12.00 shipped.  Up close…it’s a small gold chain with a little green arrow.

We had some sweet friends drop off this recliner at our house this week.  Nixon is in love!!  It’s his new FAVORITE place to be.

At the end of dance class this week, parents got to go in to watch.  The sweetest little dance ever!!  A FAVORITE moment of the week for sure. 🙂

These girls are preparing for the Nutcracker!

Dinner Dates:
Tab was out of town this week.  I had three of the cutest dinner dates.  Wednesday night was FREEZING cold, so we stopped at Panera on the way to church for some of my FAVORITE soup.  Nix was the only one willing to smile for my picture.  What is up with his crazy smile??  hahahaha

Thanksgiving Feast:
Tab made it in just in time for this sweet girl’s Thanksgiving Feast at school.

We sat beside some FAVORITE friends and had the best lunch!!

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!  Don’t forget to link up!

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  1. 11.14.14
    Unknown said:

    The cardi is cute! I have not tried boot socks but have seen a few pics of them here and there.

  2. 11.14.14
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Oh my goodness! That pic of our two girls is so sweet!! I'm so beyond blessed that we were sprinkled into your week…and I'm so happy tennis is over :).

  3. 11.14.14
    Cat said:

    They are already having Thanksgiving Feast?!?! It seems so early, but I guess it is less than 2 weeks now.

    • 11.14.14
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Yes!! I know. Right? They have their schools big fun run next week so they do Thanksgiving a little early? At least that's what I heard. #rookiemomdoesntknow

  4. 11.14.14
    Kimm said:

    We have thanksgiving feasts next week,,,always so sweet! And you look adorable in each and every picture !!!

  5. 11.14.14
    Anonymous said:

    What a fun time for big kinder girl!! Love the pics of the feast! 🙂

  6. 11.14.14
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Those boot socks look cute and that chevron cardi is darling! Cute pic of E and K at lunch!

  7. 11.14.14
    V @ X-tremely V said:

    Love that gray plaid scarf! Thanks for sharing all these cute finds!
    And I love that the school had a Thanksgiving for the kids that you could attend 🙂 The daycare/preschool that Xavier goes to is having it for the first time this year. We don't get to join the fun, but I love seeing the photos and making a dish for the kiddos to enjoy 🙂 Happy Friday!

  8. 11.14.14
    Katelyn said:

    Love that cardi! Also, where is your leopard phone case from?!

    • 11.15.14
      Erika Slaughter said:

      It's a Kate Spade. They have them at Nordstrom.

  9. 11.14.14
    Haley Southey said:

    ballet is so, so precious!!! Can't wait to have girls of my own to take to lessons!!!

  10. 11.14.14
    the girl in the red shoes said:

    That scarf is adorable on you! So glad you had a fun week!

  11. 11.14.14
    The Rodriguez Crew said:

    Well now I want to know which soup is your favorite haha!! We looovvve Panera!!!

  12. 11.14.14
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Girl…pretty much any soup from Panera is my favorite!! haha! That night I had some broccoli cheese soup, but I also love their tomato and french onion!

  13. 11.14.14
    Sarita @ it's my girls' world said:

    Love that scarf and necklace!! And those ballerinas are mighty cute…. I kinda miss those days– my five year old decided she wanted to do acrobatics instead-huh?!

    • 11.15.14
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Whoa!!! Acrobatics! That's impressive!!

  14. 11.14.14
    Unknown said:

    Ok funny story…your last pic has Josh's best friend in the back ground hahahahaah!!!! He and Luke were in preschool together and are like brother's. I spotted his grandma in the pic first then realized Luke was sitting right behind the girls. So funny!!!!!