Friday Favorites-Mother’s Day Edition

Happy FRIDAY, Friends!

And a big ole HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you mamas out there!  I’ve teamed up again with Narci and Andrea and are bringing FIVE FRIDAY FAVORITES to this little space today.  🙂

Have you read this book?  I added this to my Kindle for our Walt Disney World trip and I’m so very glad I did.  If you haven’t read it, STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING NOW and get to reading!  SO SO GOOD!  5 STARS from me!

You GUYS and your COMMENTS!
I posted over on Instagram that I finally jumped on the Air Fryer train and purchased this air fryer.  {Right now-it’s a Diamond Stud Offer for $29.99-I’m not sure what that means exactly but I paid way more for mine!}  I asked for help in what to even do with it, and you guys delivered!  Be sure to head to my Instagram for some ideas if you’re looking for some air fryer inspiration too.

Denim Shorts are a staple item in my closet I wear all the time.  These are the three you’ll see on repeat ALL SUMMER LONG.

All those are boyfriend shorts with reviews saying that they run a little large, but I wear my normal size and wear them a little lower on my waist then my jeans.  That way it gives me a little length and I’m not wearing super tight shorts.

In honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday, I’m adding my mama as a FAVORITE!  Tina, better known as T-Nonnie, among her grandkiddos is an amazing mom.  When she comes into town, she is working the entire time to make my life a little easier.  She’s always down for a trip to visit or babysit and my kiddos absolutely adore her.  She loves us well and we’re so thankful for her.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

This little gadget is making the Top Five list this week!  It’s so darn easy and convenient to read in bed with this little book that lights up and adjusts to the dark.  Tab isn’t a fan of me having the light on if he’s drifting off to sleep so this solves all our problems.  Speaking of this, I need to add a new line-up of books to my Kindle…do you have any recommendations?

Thanks for reading today, friends!  We have a weekend full of sports and I’m looking forward to our little Mother’s Day celebration on Sunday.  Hope you have the best weekend!


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  1. 5.10.19
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    That Paperwhite is a total game changer!!!

  2. 5.10.19
    Julie | This Main Line Life said:

    Oh, I'm trying to get "Where The Crawdads Sing" on audio from the library. I think there area about 50 people in line ahead of me though. Have a great weekend.

  3. 5.10.19
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Love all 3 of those shorts!

  4. 5.10.19
    Anonymous said:

    Your mama is the best! What a great tribute to her, friend! Love it!

  5. 5.10.19
    Becky said:

    Lol the diamond stud offer on the air fryer means you can purchase the offered diamond studs for $29.99 with the air fryer purchase. So, the air fryer is the regular price. 🙂

  6. 5.10.19
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Becky-THANK YOU for clarifying!! Now the Diamond Stud Offer I was envisio omg sounds better. Hahaha!

  7. 5.10.19
    clatk said:

    Daisy Jones and the Six, My Favorite 1/2 Night Stand, Unwanted Guest, Silent Patient, Big Sexy Love, Upside Down in a Laura Ingall’s Town

  8. 5.10.19
    Amy said:

    One of my sons Christmas gifts this year was a doorbuster air fryer. I love it so much I went to Williams Sonoma and bought the biggest one they make. Should be delivered today. I love it so much more than my Instant Pot. Hope you share some of your yummy recipes in another post.

  9. 5.10.19
    Julie Bradford said:

    Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day and you are celebrated ALL DAY long!!! I am ordering the book today… everywhere I go people are talking about it 🙂

  10. 5.10.19
    Unknown said:

    The “If I Run” series by Terri Blackstock was my absolute favorite read this week. I read all 3 books in 2 days 😬 a little mystery, thrill and romance but it’s Christian fiction so everything is clean and appropriate! Where the Crawdad sings is definitely on my list though!

  11. 5.10.19
    Simply Tish said:

    A Curve in the Road by Julianne MacLean and What We Find by Robyn Carr were two really good recent reads! I LOVE my Kindle paperwhite!! Simply Tish

  12. 5.10.19
    Sunshine and Books said:

    I just shared my summer beach read recommendations this week and I have a few books that I’ve loved recently on my books 2019 page. Have you read The Southern Side of Paradise by Kristy Woodson Harvey or any of Jamie Brenner’s books? I love both of those authors!

  13. 5.10.19
    Joanne said:

    Happy Mother's day to you too! We got an air fryer right after Christmas and I just love it! The only problem I have is that even with the extra large size I can only real make side dishes as there is not enough room for main dishes that would feed us all.

  14. 5.11.19
    Mary Jane said:

    Delia is from my hometown of Thomasville, Georgia, and we are all so proud of her! She's lead an AMAZING life! Check into her other books set in Africa.

    I just finished Daisy Jones and The Six last night, and it's sooooo good! Although written in interview form, it really flows. I kept thinking I was going to turn the page and see pictures in the middle of the book from their tour, recording sessions, etc… That's how real it was to me!

    I just listened to "Sometimes I Lie" by Alice Feeney. I highly recommend it!

  15. 5.11.19
    Lori R said:

    Five Years Gone by Marie Force is really good and so is Enily, Gone by Bette Lee Crosby.

  16. 5.11.19
    As Told By Felicia said:

    I am dying to get a Paperwhite! I have the first generation Kindle with the keyboard. It technically works fine, but I'm itching for a new one.
    I have Where the Crawdads Sing. I just added it to my ever growing pile of books to read! Maybe that will be the one I pick up next.

  17. 5.12.19
    Kari Cox said:

    I recently read Where the Crawdads Sing upon the recommendation of Shay. My library didn't have it, but happily ordered it for me. OH. MY. WORD. I agree with you, Erika, and everyone needs to stop what they are doing right now to read it!! When I took it back, I told the librarian, "I need everyone in here to know that this is the best book I have ever read! It needs to be on a shelf with a giant spotlight shining on it, and y'all need to recommend it to EVERYONE who walks in here!" Glad you enjoyed it, too!