I can’t believe I haven’t shared these pictures!  It’s been over six weeks since we had this little adventure and I’m finally getting around to posting.  Before I jump right into it, it’s FRIDAY!  Andrea and I are here like we are each Friday sharing our FAVORITES.  This week I’m sharing a FAVORITE getaway we had this summer.  It was short, sweet, and just what my heart needed before we jumped right back into all things back to school. 

Remember for Andrew’s 40th birthday the four adults went to Mexico to celebrate?  The big plan for Tab and Shay’s birthdays is to go on a big trip and they kind of share since their birthdays are pretty close together…his is in August and hers is in October.  We decided to put that big trip off to next year and celebrate them turning 41 because it just felt right.  Due to training camp, Tab knew he’d be out of town on his 40th birthday so we scoured the calendar and found a few days we could get away to celebrate him.  

This summer he had the New England Patriots training camp the first week of August and the second week he was in Nashville with the Titans {over his birthday}.  We went a couple days right before he reported in Foxborough so we kicked off in Boston and then ferried over to Nantucket.  I really didn’t take many pictures but I have some…

We flew out early on Saturday morning to enjoy Boston that afternoon.  Remember how we surprised Andrew with shirts and swimsuits with his face?  We changed it up and came out of our rooms in Pub Crawl t-shirts and nose rings for Tab.  Tab is a fan of a nose ring and it just isn’t my thing so the magnetic nose rings were fun while they lasted!

We spent the afternoon walking around town, popping in and out, and had a great afternoon.

We got all dressed up for dinner out at Davio’s right on the water.  The views were stunning.

The views of the harbor were absolutely stunning…even though it’s dark outside and you can see nothing but part of a building in this picture!  ha!

The next morning we were up early to take our ferry over to Nantucket.  The Shulls have been visiting for years and love it so much.  We were pumped to get to visit with them.  We ferried over, checked into our hotel, and then grabbed our scooters for the day.

Let me just say-I’m minimally adventurous and want to have fun, be go-with-the-flow but these scooters made me NERVOUS!  I’d not move my head in fear I was gonna tip us.  By the end of the afternoon, I was well-versed in scooter life but the first hour I was a nervous wreck!  It was such a fun way to get to see so much of the island though.  If you find yourself without kids, you should consider! 

Made it to the beach!

Hunka hunka burnin’ love right there…on a teal scooter.  We laughed at laughed at ourselves on these scooters.

And once again-we got cleaned up for a fun evening out.

Tab almost snapped that as I was closing my eyes…but wanted to show the gang was all there!

We ended the evening at the Club Car…such a fun night!

Our last day we hung out at the beach almost all day.  It was glorious!  Tab and Andrew left to get lunch and came back with the best sandwiches I’ve ever had.  They were delicious in the-I’m-still-thinking-about-it-sort of way.  This day just happened to be my real birthday {it just fell in the line up of dates we could make Tab’s trip work}.  We had the most delicious dinner with gorgeous views.

Such a great little getaway!  And then because Tab reported really early the next morning to camp he took the last ferry off the island to make his way over to training camp. 

His gorgeous views from the ferry taking off.  Andrew, Shay, and I caught a flight from Nantucket the next day.  What an AMAZING time we had!  It was so much fun!

HUGE thanks to Andrew and Shay for making reservations and planning lots of fun while we were gone.  Since I’d never been they asked me some ideas and took over planning the most fun little getaway.  THANK YOU!  Thank you for showing us the island that has your hearts!  We loved getting to experience it with you!  And we had a blast celebrating our birthdays!  

That’s a wrap on our FAVORITE little getaway with friends this summer.  My goodness-these pictures make me want to go back!

Hope you guys have the BEST weekend!  See you back here on Tuesday!

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  1. 9.24.21
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Such a great trip! And y'all had never told me about the nose ring surprise. That's HYSTERICAL!!!!

  2. 9.24.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    One of our best times E.V.E.R!!!!!!!

  3. 9.24.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    What a great outing and wonderful memories!!!! Have a great weekend!

  4. 9.24.21
    Rightupmyaliway said:

    What a fun little getaway! I would love to do this with my best girlfriend one day. On another note, where does Tab get his shirts? My husband needs some new shirts, and he’s hard to shop for. Have a great weekend!

  5. 9.24.21
    Joanne said:

    That sounds like such a wonderful trip! We've eaten at Cheers a few times and it's always delicious.

  6. 9.28.21
    Julie Bradford said:

    What FUN! and I just have to say I LOVE Y'ALL!!!!!