Friday Favorites-Almost Thanksgiving Edition

At 3:00 p.m. today we’re officially on THANKSGIVING BREAK!  WAHOO!  Actually, I’m driving the kiddos to Missouri so I’m busting them out of school just a little early to hit the road.  

I’m teaming up with Andrea and Narci to bring you my FRIDAY FAVORITES!  I have five really good ones for you!

First up, I teamed up with Wal-Mart to showcase some of their new womens’ sweaters.  Did you know Wal-Mart makes online shopping super easy?  Wal-Mart not only has next day delivery but free shipping on orders over $35!  Easy Peasy!  I ordered these items on Wednesday and they were at my house by Thursday afternoon.   I found two sweaters that are new FAVORITES…
It’s no secret during cold weather I am a big fan of an oversized sweater paired with skinny jeans.  It’s pretty much my wardrobe all winter long.  So to say this hot pink leopard print sweater caught my eye might be an understatement.  The hot pink is sold out but this red leopard just arrived at my house-I’ll post some pics of it soon.  Super pretty colors.  The top was practically screaming at me!

I did size up to two of my typical sizes to a large because a form fitting sweater just isn’t my thing.  This sweater is on the shorter side so I’d also suggest sizing up for that.

This sweater weighed in as another FAVORITE…and get this-it’s UNDER $15!!  It also comes in three other colors.  I sized up again for a more relaxed fit again to a large.

Thank you to Wal-Mart for sponsoring this portion of the post.


Next up…end-of-the-season sports?  Definitely not a favorite around here…my boys would play sports 365 days a year.  The FAVORITE?  The trophies in their hands for getting second place in the championship flag football game.  This first grade flag football team had a great season!

 Just a few days later, Nixon’s flag football team got first place in their championship game!   These guys played hard and had such a great game on Wednesday night.  Super proud of them!


Thanksgiving Feasts {a FAVORITE}happened all week around our house.  My sweet in-laws made it to all three of the big kids lunches.  First up was Bowen and his friends. 

Ebby Lee, who according to my MIL had a much calmer lunch than first grade Bowen.  hahaha!

And Nixon rounded out the week with his feast yesterday.

 Miss B didn’t have a special feast but she got her FAVORITE, a string cheese, in her lunch everyday so it was basically the same thing in her four-year-old eyes. 


Wanna know something else that’s not a favorite?  Having to get out of your house on a Friday night mid-Christmas decorating to purchase more Christmas lights.  WAAAHHH!  This was us last Friday night when we realized we weren’t even close to having enough lights.  Moral to the story, order a few new sets of lights so this isn’t you mid-decorating.  #learnfromerika


This is a FAVORITE I’ve mentioned before but it’s worth another mention.  If your kids are like mine, if I put any sort of cauliflower in front of them they would roll their eyes, mush it around their plate to give the appearance they ate some, or simply pretend like they can’t even see it.  But not with this mashed cauliflower!  The cheddar and bacon flavors give this such a great taste, my kids know it’s cauliflower AND EAT IT ANYWAY!  It takes like 12 minutes in the microwave and voila-a side is ready to be served! 

I think that’s all I’ve got for you today!  I hope you have the best weekend and see you on Monday!

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