Friday Favorites-9.3.21


Happy, Happy FRIDAY!  We’re only a couple weeks into the school year and I’ve heard numerous people say their family really needs the three day weekend.  We’re right there with you!  Excited about the long weekend.  In honor of Friday, Andrea and I are sharing some of our FRIDAY FAVORITES!

My list is this week is a lot of the FAVORITES happening around our house lately…

First up, a new Instagram photo challenge that Shay and I are hosting is a FAVORITE!  I love fall anyway, but when you add in FAVORITE fall things appearing on Instagram plus a fall goodie giveaway every single day-YES YES YES!  So far we’ve given away a slow cooker and the Class Mom book series.  I hope you join us for this challenge.  You just follow the prompt and be sure to #fallintoseptember to be entered.  You must have a public account, otherwise there’s no way for us to find you with the #.  Good luck!


Creepy reflection picture of me, BUT when I ride the Peloton my first go-to is always a country ride and my second is an 80’s ride.  They are my FAVORITES!  Kyrie by Mr. Mister was the perfect way to get a ride started.


This Texas weather isn’t necessarily what I want to be watching baseball in, but Tab was out of town so I got to take Bowen to one of his FAVORITE coaches for a little extra baseball work.


A FAVORITE quote from the week…it’s so true.


Britt had Meet the Teacher at her new school and her new class is a FAVORITE!  She loves her teachers, loves her friends, and loves her new school.


This week I snapped a picture of Shay and I as we podcasted…chit chatting about all the things with this girl is a FAVORITE.

Have you listened to our latest episode on Breaking Down Diet?


Britt and I had our first FUN FRIDAY last week.  Every other week we’ve made it a point to do something extra fun!  Last Friday, we kicked it off with a visit to Peppa Pig World with a friend.

We played for a couple hours, had lunch, and then were back home in time to rest a bit before picking up the big kids.  The perfect FRIDAY!

Can you tell it was a good day?


We kicked off the weekend with our high school’s first home football game.  The weather was a little cooler which made the game perfect!  And our team ended with a win so that’s always a FAVORITE!


Nixon had both a first and a new FAVORITE last weekend.  He played in his first tackle football game!  Let me just tell you-I was nervous.  Not so much nervous that he’d get hurt, but nervous about him even knowing what he was doing!  Most of his team has played before so in the back of my mind I kept hoping he knew exactly what and where he should be!

Bowen took my phone to snap a picture or two for me…the best we got!

Now I’m quick to share with you guys how I handle things when Tab’s out of town, but very rarely am I truly sad because he misses something but that happened this weekend.  Tab had to miss Nixon’s first game and he was crushed.  He sat in his hotel room and Facetimed me so he could kind of make out what was happening.  A family friend noticed what I was doing and took my phone to give him a play-by-play which was so sweet.  He got to be there as much as he possibly could.

Nixon playing defense…he’s the kid on the 45 yard line.

This was super fun to watch, I took way too many pictures, and it was just a great first game.

I probably wouldn’t have been so excited if the score had been reversed.  We won!

My #15 had an amazing first game and he absolutely loved it!

G and M came to watch too!  Super proud of him…FAVORITE way to spend a Saturday night.


Sunday morning both of my boys got in a little baseball…another FAVORITE!  I started the day watching one and ended…

watching the other!


On Monday morning, Miss Britt started in her new preschool class…a new FAVORITE!

Her dress came from one of those Instagram ad shops.  I loved it, but it took a long time to arrive so I wouldn’t recommend.

ALL SMILES for her first day!

And good news…day two went really well too!


That’s it for today!  Thank you for reading, everyone!  Hope you have a great long weekend.  I’ll see you Tuesday!

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  1. 9.3.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    What a great roundup of favorites! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. 9.3.21
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Nixon's smile after his awesome game is hard to beat……but Miss Brit is OWNING that apple monogrammed dress with her hand on her hip.

  3. 9.3.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Girl, your week has been FULL of good stuff! Those pics of Miss Britty ready for TK are my FAVORITE though!!

  4. 9.3.21
    Diane said:

    Looks like Nixon plays safety….he must be fast! Enjoy this time, in spite of how hectic it is. It passes so quickly….. I miss watching my guys play.

  5. 9.3.21
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Good eye, Diane! I’m trying to enjoy every moment. I keep hearing how quickly it goes. ❤️