Friday Favorites-4.23.21


I’m having mixed feelings and am toggling back/forth between is school REALLY almost over and I’m so ready to take a BREAK-how many more days of school are left?  I’m clearly all over the place.  Our school gets out a little earlier than normal this year so my house is counting down the days but the mom in me is SHOCKED we have less than a month!

In Friday fashion, I’ve teamed up with my girl, Andrea, to bring you some FRIDAY FAVORITES from the week!

Know a Mom FAVORITE?  When I move toys around and my kids find an oldie they’ve forgotten about and then get all excited all over again.  Just a friendly mom reminder to move those toys around and maybe, just maybe, your kiddos will get excited about an oldie too.

Saw this meme and it made me laugh out loud!  A FAVORITE from the week…laundry is always there.

I snapped this picture after church this past week-I got a lot of compliments on this FAVORITE church dress.  I actually bought it right before the world shut down last year so mine is sold out but if you’re looking for a new church dress, graduation dress, wedding guest dress, cocktail dress-I always check this brand first.  The dresses run true to size for me.

Did you see my post this week where I shared a FAVORITE new pair of jeans?  I’m adding these to the skinny jean rotation and if you’re looking for a pair to add to yours, you should check it out.

Yes, yes, yes, yes!  One of my FAVORITE things I read on social media this week.  What if the world was full of hype girls instead of all the haters?  
One of my FAVORITE mother/daughter duos is at Walt Disney World right now!  I love getting to see clients pictures and seeing Brooke’s so far this week has been a FAVORITE!  Remember-if you’re wanting to head to Walt Disney World, Mix and Match Travel would love to help you!  Check us out to learn more!
Last week after sharing a Day in the Life via Insta Stories I got some FAVORITE messages asking why I’m not there more often.  The quick answer is-during the day my life is quite boring and at nights I’m busy with my kids.  Hopping on Insta Stories just isn’t a natural thought for me, but after reading your sweet comments I’m determined to do a better job.  At least for the weekend.  🙂  Be sure to follow along over on Instagram.
Last FAVORITE-if the rain holds off, our weekend plans are a baseball tournament in Oklahoma.  IF, lots of “ifs” in this story, it happens we’ll be gone for most of the weekend and I’ll see you Tuesday.  IF it doesn’t happen, I’ll be here on Monday.  See, I told you lots of “ifs”.  😂
Hope you have a great weekend!  See you next week, friends!

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  1. 4.23.21
    Rebecca - Glutarama said:

    I think we're all a bit discombobulated this year, my two have been out of school more than in with the pandemic lockdowns. My daughter has been in her exam year too so it's so stressful. Lets pray for better times and a peaceful and restful summer. Thank you for hosting and have a lovely weekend xx

  2. 4.23.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    What a fun week!! I love that dress! Perfect for spring!

  3. 4.23.21
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    YES! LOVE the hype girl quote! The world needs more of them!

  4. 4.23.21
    Kara said:

    I couldn’t find a link to the brand of your dress. Could you share? Looks like a great work option. Thx!

  5. 4.23.21
    Beverly said:

    I saw the laundry meme too this week. Laundry should be in the same category as death and taxes. Also read The Sanatorium last week…favorite! Looking for my next thriller to read.

  6. 4.23.21
    Tonya said:

    I love that dress. What brand is it?

  7. 4.23.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    After church on Sunday, Andrew said "Erika had on a really pretty dress today!". Girl, it's so cute!! I wish I could have seen it in person!!

  8. 4.24.21
    Dena Randall said:

    Can you link the brand of your dress? So cute and always looking for a dress for weddings, graduations, etc.

  9. 4.26.21
    Sue M said:

    link to dress does not work. What brand is it? it is so gorgeous and unique