Friday Favorites

Welcome to the first Friday Favorites of 2016!  We got a new look for the new year!  Every Friday, Narci, Andrea, and I host a Friday Favorites link-up where we invite you to join us by sharing your FAVORITE anything.  🙂  Maybe a favorite moment from the week, your favorite recipe for dinner, or your favorite pictures of your kiddos.  It doesn’t matter-you choose just join us and share.

This week we were forced to get back in the swing of real-life.  I could have handled one more week of no schedules, late bedtimes, and sleeping in, but the real world called…

Bowen woke up on Saturday morning around 7:30 and by 9:30 he had passed out while playing with Peppa Pig.  He was EXHAUSTED!

Then this happened.  He woke up, asked for breakfast, came to the table, and passed out again.  I was a little nervous at this point that he was getting sick, but I’m happy to report he was just sleep deprived.  I carried him to the couch where he napped for almost two hours.  Then he was raring to go.  🙂

First Sunday selfie of 2016

This is super random but I felt like I HAD to share!  Do you guys have one of these ground meat choppers??  I just recently bought one and let me tell you…it is life changing!  Browning ground beef or turkey has never been so easy!  Seriously, you NEED this!  

I took these cuties to preschool on Tuesday and asked them to pause for a picture.  They placed themselves.  ha!  And…way to go, Erika with that huge shadow!  #notaphotographer

Our elementary school has an upcoming talent show and these three girls have been practicing their act.  They’re hula hooping!  See the girl in the blue dress?  That’s the same two-year-old who barely talked at preschool.  I’m crazy proud of her wanting to get up in front of the crowd.  I sincerely miss the baby days, but getting to watch your kiddos grow and tackle tough stuff is awesome.

And look what’s back….Manda Strong shirts!  I know several of you missed it the first time around, so here’s your chance to not only order a shirt but support our girl, Manda.  More than anything right now, I know they would love your prayers.  Please be praying for our sweet friend.

You guys!!  I can’t even.  This picture gets me every time.  My girl, Sheaffer, is at it AGAIN!  You do NOT want to miss her Bachelor recaps.  It’s good good stuff.

Did anyone else watch the Bachelor Live and feel like you’d wasted an hour of your life??  I was so disappointed in that show.  I’ve seen Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live after those Real Housewives shows and I thought it was going to be similar.  I wasn’t feeling it.  What’d you think?

I hope you have a GREAT weekend, Ladies!!  XOXO

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  1. 1.8.16
    Brantlee said:

    The ground beef chopper…I agree..Life Changing! My sister in law had one when we visited over Christmas. I quickly bought one when we got home!

  2. 1.8.16
    Ash said:

    The meat chopper! Life changing! Mines from Pampered Chef and I am obsessed (as obsessed as one can be about a kitchen gadget)! Happy Friday

  3. 1.8.16
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I feel like I've been channeling Bowen all week. Getting back into the swing of things this week has left me exhausted! I could fall asleep at the kitchen table too! And those hula hoopers just make my heart melt :).

  4. 1.8.16
    Anonymous said:

    Look at how cute those hula hoppers are!! Oh my gosh!! 🙂 I love it!!

  5. 1.8.16
    Kimm said:

    It's always tough real loving after a long break! Have a great weekend !

  6. 1.8.16
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Just so you know, every single time I see that picture of #virgininabottle, I still laugh out loud! It just got me again!!! Thanks for sharing the recap. I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 1.8.16
    Kara said:

    I feel the same way! This week has been tough! And I'm buying that meat stirrer asap!

  8. 1.8.16
    Preppy Empty Nester said:

    What a cute family you have. I haven't watched The Bachelor in years but did last week because my daughter's roomie from college is one of the bachelorettes. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. 1.8.16
    Leigh (Balancing By Faith) said:

    I am with Bowen….this has been a long week – and crawling back into bed sounds perfect to me!!

  10. 1.8.16
    Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said:

    Hahaha, Bowen! Too cute. And I'm going to need that chopper pronto!

  11. 1.8.16
    Heather said:

    You win the internet today – immediately went online and ordered that meat chopper! Thanks for the tip!

  12. 1.8.16
    Megan said:

    Awww poor Bowen! Being the youngest is hard! I've never seen that beef chopper. Looks very cool. Thanks for sharing.

  13. 1.8.16
    Unknown said:

    Just bought myself a meat chopper and ordered a second to give as a gift. Thanks!

  14. 1.8.16
    Kerry said:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. 1.8.16
    Lindsay's Sweet World said:

    Welp, I'm heading over to buy that meat chopper this instant. That is incredible and WHERE HAS IT BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!

  16. 1.8.16
    mel @ the larson lingo said:

    Love the meat chopper…you are correct…life changing!
    And, I agree with you, I was NOT feeling the after show. Boring!
    Happy Friday, Erika!!

  17. 1.8.16
    Kelsey @ The Peacock Roost said:

    I have one of those ground meat choppers & they're great!! How fun that the girls are going to be in the show!! Happy Friday 🙂

  18. 1.8.16
    Elaine Welte said:

    I have the meat chopper from Pampered Chef and LOVE it!

  19. 1.8.16
    live compassionately said:

    WHAT is this awesome meat chopper and where has it been all my life! Thank you!

  20. 1.8.16
    kickinitwiththekosts said:

    Love the new look for Friday Favorites! I can't believe how sleepy Bowen was how sweet!! Have a great weekend!

  21. 1.9.16
    Katie {The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life} said:

    Love the Sunday Selfie! have a great weekend Erika!!

  22. 1.10.16
    Hannah Hardy said:

    I NEED that meat chopper in my life! Ha! Can't say I've ever said that, much less been excited about a meat chopper but holy #lifesavor!

  23. 1.10.16
    Mariah said:

    Hooray for napping kiddos! Sometimes you just gotta have a catch up day. That meat chopping spatula thing is a Godsend! My mom has one that I love (Pampered Chef I think) but I still have yet to get my own. Happy Sunday!

    Mariah @ Faith & Fashion