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Happy Friday!  May 6th…can you believe that?  This spring is flying by for me.  #timeslowdown

I’m joining my girls, Andrea and Narci, for our Friday Favorites.  The day we share a hot random mess of faves and we invite you to join us.  Simply blog your favorites, link back to us, and then add your blog to our link up.  It’s simple!

Here is my hot random mess for you today…

One Stop Bow Shop is where I find all of Ebby Lee’s bows.  The owner, Casey, is FABULOUS!  

 One Stop Bow Shop matches lots of our favorite brands like Matilda Jane.  🙂

They launch new styles and fabrics often.  One Stop Bow Shop recently launched dark and light denim and over ten burlap hairbow options.  

A fun way to try out many styles of hairbows at a low cost is The Monthly Bow Box.  Five hairbows a month for $20.  You can cancel membership at anytime.

You can purchase directly on Instagram.  It’s easy.  Simply follow @onestopbowshop.  After they post, you comment “sold”, and leave an e-mail to purchase.

I have GREAT news!!!  Until May 15th, One Stop Bow Shop is offering 20% off with the code “ebbylee”.  If you’ve never tried Casey’s bows before, NOW is the time!

Ebby Lee wears the XLarge.

Bowen and I finally found the perfect rug for our front entry room.  Let me just tell you it is a BEATING to ship back area rugs.  Luckily, one rug I ordered was too small for this space but it found it’s forever home in the office.  #winwin  I have a few more things to finish and I’ll be ready to share the new space with you.

I shared a last minute Mother’s Day gift guide.  Check it out here.

Last week after school we finally got out one of their Christmas presents we’d be stowing away for a rainy day.  The Magic School Bus Science Kit has about fifty science experiments that are quick and easy. 

Then we got out one of Nixon’s birthday presents.  I mean who comes up with this…

 Doggie Doo….where the winner scoops up the most dog poo.

 The big kids were totally into this game.

 Bowen did this every time someone had to squeeze.  Just in case, I guess.  haha!

A blog post about “What I’m Eating” was requested by several of you, so yesterday I shared everything I ate the day before.  You can read it here.

 Bowen has been catching some zzzzz’s in the weirdest places.

 He crawled up in the office chair beside me and fell asleep just like this.

I started off the week with my better half visiting on the blog!  Tab and I shared some thoughts about marriage.  Thank you for all the kind words regarding that post.  You can read it here.

Smith and Ashby were over on Monday afternoon.  We all made “thank you” notes for our teachers.  The big boys were writing legit thank you notes while Bowen and Ashby were having me spell things like, “Mommy”, “Daddy”, “Kensington”, “Nixon”, and “Poppy”.  hahaha!

And blogger friends…don’t forget this Wednesday, the 11th, Shay and I are STRANDED again.  Can’t wait to see what Three Books everyone would bring!

This weekend-girls who are trying their hardest to get pregnant, please know you are on my heart.  Praying for you!  I know it’s a hard weekend.

Have a fabulous weekend, girls!  XOXO

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  1. 5.6.16
    With Southern Love said:

    Happy Friday! Can't wait to see your office! We are building and I'm looking for inspiration everywhere for how to decorate. Thanks for the fun link up!

  2. 5.6.16
    Christy said:

    I love the first dress, where did get find it? 🙂

    • 5.6.16
      Erika Slaughter said:

      It's Matilda Jane. 🙂

  3. 5.6.16
    Loren Lately said:

    I have that same pottery barn rug in my dining room! We have it in grey. I love it!!!!

  4. 5.6.16
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Yay for One Stop Bow Shop!!! They're the BEST at bows!!! Happy Friday Erika!

  5. 5.6.16
    Anonymous said:

    Beautiful rug, friend!! Also, Bowen during that game is so super cute!! Love him!

  6. 5.6.16
    R's Rue said:
  7. 5.6.16
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    That rug looks gorgeous! Rug shopping is soooooooo hard, so I'm glad you found a good one! Like Bowen, I can grab some quick zzzz's ANYWHERE. I feel like it's a gift! 😉

  8. 5.6.16
    Kimm said:

    We have lots of bow from one stop now shop and LOVE them! Happy Mother's Day Erika !!!

  9. 5.6.16
    Brooke Richardson said:

    Can't wait for the next stranded post!!!! And Going to order some bows now!!!

  10. 5.6.16
    Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said:

    hahaha kids sleep in the weirdest places/positions. when my 7yr old was 2 and was still in a crib, i'd find her at the other side of the crib with her legs pointed up to the ceiling (resting on the rails) fast alseep.. HOW?!??!!

  11. 5.6.16
    Leigh (Balancing By Faith) said:

    I love that rug – but I did the same thing!! Bought a rug too small for our den and the shipping to return it would cost more than the rug…so it now sits in our office!! Happy Mother's Day Erika!

  12. 5.6.16
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams said:

    Loved the Marriage and What I Ate posts this week! Great tips in both 🙂

  13. 5.6.16
    Kristina @ Ms.Modify said:

    I love all those bows! What a great idea to have a monthly shipment of them! When I was a little girl, I must say I rocked the big bows quite well! My mom made me bow hangers in my closet made out of long pieces of ribbon where she would clip them on.

    Happy Mother's Day Mama! 🙂 xo, Kristina

  14. 5.6.16
    Jen Arthur said:

    my kids LOOOOVE science experiments! If they are misbehaving all I have to do is threaten to take them away and they suddenly remember how to behave. haha! And seriously, how do kids sleep like that? hilarious! Happy Friday!
    xo, jen @

  15. 5.6.16
    Susan said:

    Excited about the Stranded post! Not that I really need anymore books to add to my reading list,!

  16. 5.10.16
    Brandi Hudack said:

    Where is the blue rug Bowen is laying on from? I love the color and pattern.