First Week of Summer

School has been out for almost two weeks and we’ve really tried to make the most of it despite the crazy amounts of rain we’ve been having.  Here’s a little photo dump at the fun the Slaughter crew has had…

On the first day of summer, Shay and I had big plans to take the kids to do something fun but everything was closed except the movie.  We watched Scoob and I happened to drift off in the first ten minutes of the movie.  When I woke up, Simon Cowell was an animated character-WHAT?!  I couldn’t figure out what was happening.  Has anyone seen this?  I was so confused.  I must have missed the most crucial part.  

Nixon and Bowen went to our high school’s local football camp last week.

Bowen and one of his best buds both went home with an award on Thursday.  Ebby Lee had cheer camp but I forgot to snap a picture of her.

Our neighborhood hosted our annual, Wall Party, this past weekend.

The weather could not have been more perfect for the occasion.

My forever date.

The crew that hosted this year.   All of these families {except us} have moved into our neighborhood within the last year or two so it’s been fun having lots of new neighbors around our age.

This crew is FUN!

We had lots of friends who made it out to hang for a while but this is the only picture we took!  The night was great-I mean any night where twinkle lights are the star of the show is hard to top…right?

Meanwhile, Ebby Lee was at her first youth church camp over the weekend meeting new friends and growing her faith.  She had so many great stories when she got home late on Monday night.  She had the best time!  Her least faves were the showers, the food, and the beds.

It’s always sweet to hear stories about the older girls pouring into younger girls.  So sweet to my mama heart!  This was the first time Ebby Lee had done an overnight camp so I was stalking every form of social media our church had to see a picture.  ha!  She did great though and had so much fun!

I think you’re all caught up with our summer now.  Thanks so much for reading!  See you tomorrow with a little list of FAVORITES!

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  1. 6.3.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I am so happy that you were able to host the Wall Party again this year!! It was so much fun!!

  2. 6.3.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    Looks like some fun fillers weeks! Thanks so for sharing!

  3. 6.3.21
    Julie Bradford said:

    FUN FUN!!!! Summer has begun!!!!

  4. 6.4.21
    Jen said:

    So much fun! Why is it called a wall party? Maybe I missed something?

  5. 6.5.21
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Great question-the water was slowly eroding the yards and the neighbors built a wall to stop it and after all the hard work celebrated with a little party. That party has now happened for many years and we’re keeping the tradition alive.