First Day of Ballet…

 On Monday, Ebby Lee had a first.  Her first day of ballet!  She was SO excited when I signed her up back in the summer.  But…as the day got closer, she started changing her mind.  Luckily, Whitney signed up one of Ebby Lee’s BFF’s, Kirby, so she was back on track for ballet!!
 A ballet pose?
 I must say that she didn’t wear the crocs in class.  I know absolutely nothing about ballet.  Can she wear the shoes in public?  I figured she couldn’t so we changed there…ballet people…is this correct??
 These girls were SO excited!!
 I see this picture being in a slideshow one day.  Graduation, wedding, you name it!
I only took one picture through the window.  I didn’t want to be THAT mom!  ha!  As soon as class was over, she told me she was ready to do it again!!  Ballet class #1…a huge success!!! 

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  1. 8.26.12
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    You do not wear the shoes out of class! Good job Mom! She looked adorable! Yay for ballet!

  2. 8.28.12
    bettyj said:

    What a beautiful little girl you have. Happy rbelated birthday to each of you. It was son nice meeting you at the wedding.

  3. 8.31.12
    rackersfamily said:

    yep… no ballet or tap shoes outside.
    I love Ebby Lee's hair in pig tails… so cute!!