FAVORITE THINGS-Family Friendly Movies

A sweet reader recommended a new series and to be honest-I’d like to hug her neck!  Let me introduce, A Few of Our FAVORITE THINGS….

I’ll touch on a wide variety of topics.  Some will be things our entire family weighs in on and others might pertain to just one or two family members.  Either way, I’ll be sharing our FAVORITES.

I’ve gotten lots of questions lately about our FAVORITE FAMILY FRIENDLY MOVIES.  

The spring sports season is a busy one for our family so we’ve been soaking up the weekend nights at home with plenty of family movie nights before the crazy of spring hits.  We like movies appropriate for the entire family but if I’m being honest-we probably wouldn’t have been watching some of these with four-year-old Ebby Lee but since Britt is the youngest she hangs with the “older” movie choices.  Nothing is inappropriate for her, but if we’re letting her choose she’s voting, “FROZEN” all day, everyday.

I polled all six Slaughters {and took out all of the “Frozen” votes sent in by one particular four-year-old} to compile our list…

In no particular order, the Slaughter Family FAVORITES-

Do you sense a theme?  We’re all about a sports-themed feel good movie around here and apparently, we have a soft spot for ocean animals. 

I have to tell you-when we watched Radio there’s a sad part {I won’t spoil it for you} and when it happened Bowen burst into tears.  When someone mentioned Radio, Bowen’s response was, “That was such a sad one, but so good”.  We agree!!

Here are our faves…

Now what about your FAMILY-FRIENDLY FAVORITES?!  Please SHARE!  We’re always looking for a movie to add to our list!

Can’t wait to hear your suggestions!

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  1. 2.25.20
    Jennifer White said:

    We recently watched the Mighty Ducks and Father of the Bride. Two of my favorite movies from when I was a kid and my kids loved both.

  2. 2.25.20
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I bet I've watched Rudy 50 times. We watch it every dang time we see it on tv. In fact, we watched it a couple of weeks ago, and this should come as no surprise to you…I bawled like I was seeing it for the first time.

  3. 2.25.20
    Stephanie said:

    Little Giants would fit perfectly with your theme.

  4. 2.25.20
    Cindy said:

    You should add The Rookie to your list, great movie and true story

  5. 2.25.20
    Amy Heinl said:

    Enchanted, The Wizard of Oz, E.T, The Princess Bride, Goonies, Princess Diaries MoviesAngels in the Outfield,The Muppet Movie, Savannah Smiles andAnnabelles Wish

  6. 2.25.20
    Courtney Marie said:

    Matilda, The Parent Trap, Princess Diaries, The Goonies, Mrs. Doubtfire (maybe when they’re a bit older as it’s PG13).

  7. 2.25.20
    Ashleigh said:

    I love a good baseball movie! Angels in the outfield, Rookie of the Year and Little Big League are a few of my favourites! Also when they’re older 42!

  8. 2.25.20
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Awe! This is such a great batch of movies! We like movies like You've Got Mail and then musicals like The Sound of Music too!

  9. 2.25.20
    Donna said:

    Have you watched Earth to Echo….went in not knowing much and absolutely LOVED it.

  10. 2.25.20
    Jennifer Goodwin said:

    My family loved most of those~the other ones we never watched. My sons (and my husband and me) loved Parental Guidance and We Bought a Zoo. There is a tiny bit of language in We Bought a Zoo and a scene in which a little girl calls a grown up a slang word that has to do with the male anatomy, and a tiny bit of other language, but it's a really good movie. We loved Facing the Giants, and Overcomer would be a great one, too. I hope that gives you a few new ideas!

  11. 2.25.20
    Amanda C said:

    We just watched Greater last night with our 9 year old sports loving son, sooooo good! It's a true story based on the Arkansas Razorback football player – Brandon Burslworth. Its a great movie about keeping your faith, highly recommend! We plan to watch The Blind Side next with him.

  12. 2.25.20
    Jennmaynard said:

    We love Miracle (it's a hockey movie) and it is one that we can watch over and over again. We also have been watching all of the Marvel movies and really enjoy them.

  13. 2.25.20
    Unknown said:

    Remember the Titans has been and will always be one of my all time favorites! We just watched The Game Plan on Disney+, your crew might enjoy it!

  14. 2.25.20
    Courtney Younts said:

    We have had Dennis the Menace on repeat. Cool Runnings, Because of Winn Dixie, and Sandlot are also popular in our house right now

  15. 2.25.20
    Julie Bradford said:

    So on the way to Auburn today we watched Full Court Miracle on Disney+ .. bet ur kids would like… we sure did!!!! Over the weekend we piled up & watched The Karate Kid…one of my all time favorite ☺️

  16. 2.25.20
    Unknown said:

    If you can find it, Fly Away Home is a wonderful family movie about a girl who teaches young ducklings how to migrate by getting them to follow her in a hand built plane. Heartwarming!

  17. 2.26.20
    Nancy 's Fashion Style said:

    We love thrillers and I love horrors! But I also want to see The Gentleman and the new Bond!

  18. 2.27.20
    StephC said:

    Princess Bride, How to Train Your Dragon (the movies & the series on Netflix), Madagascar, Monsters Inc, The Game Plan (football movie with The Rock in it), Quest for Camelot (oldie but goodie with great music)

  19. 2.28.20
    Joanne said:

    Those are all great movies! We tend to enjoy movies based on true stories over here.

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