Favorite Thing Party

Andrea and I are hosting a party today!!  Our “Favorite Things Party”!!!  We’re blogging one, two, or a few of our favorite things that are under $10.  Please please please link up to us if you blogged your favorite things too, so we can all go check out your post.

Yay!!!  I love a good party!!  If we were hanging out together, Andrea would have really cute tags, banners, and labels all over.  She is the BEST at that kind of thing!!  It would be SO cute. Trust me!!

After my post on Tuesday, this should not surprise anyone!  ha!

One of my favorite things right now is dishwashing gloves!!!  They have changed my life!

However, if I was taking them to a party…I’d find a pair that looked more like these.  🙂  I bet doing dishes is a little more fun when you’re wearing these!

Another favorite thing right now is Arm & Hammer’s whitening toothpaste.  I’m all the time asking my dentist about different whitening products.  He told me I should use this just to maintain.  It’s over the counter and (I think) it’s under $5.00 so it’s not going to give you bleach white teeth, but I do feel like it helps them remain white.  The next time you’re shopping for toothpaste, check it out!

I’m still a coffee newbie, but I will say this is my favorite coffee!!  It is by far my fave that I’ve tried lately.  Coffee drinkers…this is a must!!

Be sure you go check out Andrea’s favorite things!!  And don’t forget to link up!!  Can’t wait to see all your fun things!!

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  1. 1.16.14
    Sill Family Adventures said:

    I am going to have to give that tooth paste a try. Thanks for co-hosting such a fun link up!!

  2. 1.16.14
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Your poor hands! I still feel so bad for them :).

  3. 1.16.14
    Jodi said:

    Williams Sonoma has really good (and cute) rubber gloves.

  4. 1.16.14
    Rachel Zimm said:

    I really want to try that A&H toothpaste now!
    The cinnamon coffee sounds really good. Have you tried the Hazelnut in the same style container?–That's my go-to flavor 🙂

  5. 1.16.14
    Katie Paladino said:

    I'm totally trying that coffee! Yum!

  6. 1.17.14
    Sarah E @ theteacherswife.com said:

    Oh my, your poor hands! Mine were really really bad this time last year with all the bottle washing I was doing! My mom swears by dish gloves and those blue ones are cute, i just may have to pick up a pair! 🙂

  7. 1.17.14
    Tanya said:

    I love that coffee! My uncle puts a sprinkle of cinnamon in the coffee filter when he brews his coffee. I think it has a similar taste.

  8. 1.21.14
    Heaven's Roses said:

    Very cute! I may try those gloves for myself.
    Love your blog by the way. I am only a recent reader and follower of your blog but I think your family is adorable!

    I also have a blog but can't seem to get a lot of readers. I think it is because I tend to write a lot of things that relate to me and my daily life and maybe not as much as what other readers would be interested in reading. Either way, if you have a chance, take a peek.

    Thanks! 🙂
    Sherry Smith

  9. 1.24.14
    Shelby said:

    Love this! And about the dishwashing gloves…I totally might have to try these…my friends swears by them too!