Favorite Thing Party

I am SO excited about this “Favorite Things Party”!!  I might have squealed when I got Andrea’s text!  I LOVE hearing about products (that are inexpensive) that others love.  So…I can’t wait to see Andrea’s favorite thing and hopefully yours too!  

I’m sure you’ve seen the idea on Pinterest.  You go to a party and take three (or any number) of your favorite thing (usually under $10) and you leave the party with three of your friends’ favorite things.  My friend, Narci, had a party and it was so fun!  I loved trying out everyone’s favorites!! 

Today, Andrea and I are having a little “virtual” party.  Except we’re not swapping our favorites.  We’re just showing you because they’re our FAVORITES for a reason.  You should try them out.  With Christmas coming up, they’d be GREAT stocking stuffers or gifts.  (Let me just say that I have NO idea what Andrea’s favorite thing is going to be, but she’s fabulous so I know her “thing” will be too.)

Right now my very favorite thing (ringing in at only $6.95 at Amazon here) is OPI’s Liquid Sand Polish in Alcatraz Rocks.  It’s a textured polish which I LOVE.  I think it helps it stay on longer.  I don’t notice NEAR as many chips.  I love painting my nails, but I hate taking it off.  My polish tends to linger!  🙂  This color is a dark blue with gold flecks.  I absolutely love it right now for fall/winter.  

You should check out the polish!!  I found mine at Ulta, but they’re very hit-and-miss with the selection they have.  Amazon has lots of liquid sand options.  

Please leave us a comment and tell us your favorite thing OR blog about it too!  Put your blog in the comment section and Andrea and I would LOVE to check out your favorites as well.  Thanks for stopping by today!  I had a blast “partying” with you!

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