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I love chatting entertainment with you girls and today is the day!  I must add this was not my best batch of books, but the excitement on Big Brother could keep us talking for days!  Right?!

I’m a huge Emily Giffin fan.  I love all her other books, but this one wasn’t my fave.  It’s a story about two sisters who are both struggling with finding love in different ways.  The chapters are written from each sister’s point of view so we get to know them both well.  A cute chick-lit book, but not my fave.

I’m also usually a big Sally Clarkson fan, but this one wasn’t my favorite book either.  The chapters are written by months, so Sally and Sarah describe things you can do in your home during each month to make your home more life giving.  Some ideas were great, but many chapters were a little redundant. 

Amazon recommended this one to me.  Let me start by saying that I’m a fan of those dark, kind of creepy, suspenseful books but this was one too much for me.  It was too dark.  This book is a bout a girl who has a tough time in her younger years.  She is humiliated time and time again but lands this amazing job and is living a good life.  She has a secret from her past that haunts her and the book is all about how she handles that-eventually she spills.

Do you guys know this one?  Glennon is a Christian author who wrote this book about her life.  She’s had some major ups and downs and knows God has a plan for her life.  I would give this one mixed reviews….some things she said were great, amazing, and I was nodding my head in agreement, but she used really foul language throughout the book.  I was a little confused to be honest.  

I ordered this book last year when I read Big Mama’s reading list she compiled from her readers.  When it arrived in the mail, it was one of those small, tiny font type books and it was written in the early 90’s.  I had it in the console of my car-just in case and on the way home from San Antonio my book was IN a suitcase in the back of the car so I opened this up and got started.  Again, this was another suspenseful and dark novels.  Jane comes to as she’s walking down the street and she remembers NOTHING about her life.  Her name, where she lives, if she has a husband…nothing.  Throughout the book, she discovers her family and has to figure out why her subconscious wanted her to forget some previous events.  There is a “dark” part in this one too.  🙁  

I should stick to butterflies and rainbow books next month for sure.

What I’m reading now…
These two probably couldn’t be further from each other if they tried.  🙂  I’ll keep you posted.

I get asked a lot WHEN I read and the answer is mostly at night.  When the kids go to bed, it’s my down-time to relax so I’ll read a couple chapters before bed.  I also try to think ahead and if I have the possibility of any down time waiting for an appointment or something I’ll bring a book.

What I’m Watching…
We MUST discuss Big Brother!

*I was a Paulie fan from the start, but I have to say I was glad to see him go.  He changed a bit inside the house and it wasn’t a good look.  I think he realized it too.
*Who are you cheering for now?
*I am a Paul fan too, so I’m hoping he wins the veto tonight!
*If Paul goes home, I’ll be #teamjames all the way!
*What are your thoughts on Victor’s nomination speeches?  If I was inside that house while he was giving one, I’d either have hives or be nervous laughing the entire time!!  #awkward

Bachelor in Paradise
I’m sad or maybe actually happy to report I’m officially too old to watch this show.  All the shenanigans used to be a favorite, but this season is too much.

*Chad saying ugly things to Sarah was ridiculous to me.  We’re in 2016 and ABC is going to air him saying that and then they only told him he had to leave because she said it’s him or me?  WHAT?!  ABC….you’re better than that.  Wasn’t that awful?
*Grant, probably eight hours before Lace is kissing you she was ALL about Chad.  Now that he’s gone she’s your number one fan?  That’s not right.
*Carly and Evan….???

I’m marking it down in my calendar as the year I quit Bachelor in Paradise.  #justtooold

I hope I never outgrow this show.  The Real Housewives of New Jersey might be my favorite!  #ithinkisaythatabouteverycity

What about you girls?  What are you reading/watching?  Any must-reads you’d love to share? 

Thanks for stopping by!  XOXO

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  1. 8.24.16
    Unknown said:

    I totally agree with the Bachelor in Paradise situation. I put it on in the background while I'm working and I just can't believe how low ABC has gone to create "good TV". The whole Bachelor franchise is getting to be just ICK!

  2. 8.24.16
    Unknown said:

    great book recs!
    Ahh…BB ( as my husband and I like to call it)… TOTALLY agree about Paulie. Disappointed in him, glad to see him go. Michelle gets on my last nerve and Victor needs to take it down a notch #orsix. I think I'm pulling for Paul or James now…would be nice for a girl to win tho (Nicole!!).
    As for the RHNJ…love love LOVE. every time I watch I can't help but wish for a side by side of Melissa from season 1 and now. The girl has had some WORK #comeonbravo 🙂

  3. 8.24.16
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I was sad about the Giffin book too. Boo. I wanted it to be as good as Something Borrowed and Something Blue.

  4. 8.24.16
    Anonymous said:

    Yes, this month you need lots of happy books! I totally stalled out on my reading last month because I was so busy with BB and RHONJ! I love those NJ ladies!!

  5. 8.24.16
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Kate-that whole Chad/Sarah fight was too much for me.

    Adrienne-it would be nice for a girl to win but since Nicole is not the best at competitions (I'd be the same way!) I think she would never get enough votes to win. Unless maybe if it was Nicole and Corey at the end? We'll see!!
    Shay-me too! Those books were so good!

  6. 8.24.16
    Elaine Welte said:

    This is the first year I've actually stuck with Bachelor in Paradise. I think back to school means that I need mindless TV. Anyway, I cannot wrap my head around Carly and Evan. Rumor has it they're engaged!

    • 8.24.16
      Megan said:

      I can't wrap my head around it either. I just don't get it!?

  7. 8.24.16
    Kathy Olson said:

    I'm not familiar with the Real Housewives of any city. I love New York, though, so I may need to check it out.
    Thanks for all the reviews!

  8. 8.24.16
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    YES! Bachelor in Paradise is pretty much gives me creeps right now! I mean, I'm still watching, but I feel icky when I am!

  9. 8.24.16
    Beth said:

    The Good Girl is great! Loved that one! Totally agree about Glennon's book. She confuses me bc she claims to be a disciple yet the words that come out of her mouth sometimes leave me wondering…I had to unfollow her on social media bc she was too contradictory and harsh.

    • 8.24.16
      clatk said:

      I haven't finished Carry On, Warrior, but the little of Glennon I have seen on social media has left me troubled in my spirit. I LOVED her original post I read (the Carry On, Warrior post) but other posts lead me to believe we have different views on faith. And honestly, I think it's a Holy Spirit prompting we are all feeling– that gift of discernment.

    • 8.25.16
      Unknown said:

      Totally agree!!

  10. 8.24.16
    kelly said:

    I appreciate your realistic book review!! Im a bit wary When someone LOVES every book they read. 😉

  11. 8.24.16
    Anonymous said:

    I am still watching Bachelor in Paradise but reluctantly. There is just too much wrongness. Was glad Chad was sent home but honestly feel the producers should have removed him as the situation was playing out. For books, I'm reading Carole Rdziwill's memoir about her husband and relationship with JFK Jr.

  12. 8.24.16
    dresselfamily.blogspot.com said:

    You know, you are so right with BIP I used to live my little guilty pleasure and now I'm grossed out and I think, girls stop crying for heavens sake!!

    I'm about to stay the book ' the nightingale' is supposed to be good???

    As for Christian books I just bought the book ' the christ centered home' by Emily Belle freeman. I'm only in chapter 1 but I love it!

  13. 8.24.16
    Sara said:

    The author of The Good Girl has another book that is really great and sounds like it would be right up your alley. It is called Don't You Cry. I think you should check it out.

  14. 8.24.16
    Johannah Sirois said:

    All great book recommendations! I am currently loving the new Hallmark series, Chesapeake Shores! I just love it!! Sunday nights on Hallmark 😉

  15. 8.24.16
    clatk said:

    On another note, I don't think The Good Girl is going to give you sunshine and rainbows ;). I just finished Attachments by Rainbow Rowell and LOVED it! I also highly recommend Sea of Tranquility, Big Little Lies and What Alice Forgot! Others I've read this year that are just easy breezy- Councidence of the Coconut Cake, Friends Like These, Summer Island.

  16. 8.24.16
    Jennifer said:

    I was disappointed in the Giffin book too. Actually I was disappointed in the one before this one too, so maybe I should give up on her.
    I've never See Jane Run, but I am pretty sure a Lifetime movie was based on the book. It had the mom from Growing Pains in it. Completely random fact! 🙂

  17. 8.24.16
    Candidly Clark said:

    I finished reading Sarah's Key earlier this summer and am so sad that it's over that I haven't found a new book for myself. It was so good!! I am watching Real Housewives of Orange County, New York and New Jersey…shameful! They are my favorite things to watch while I'm folding laundry, chopping veggies, etc. They are just so darn entertaining!

  18. 8.24.16
    Kelsey @ The Peacock Roost said:

    Bummed to hear the Giffin book wasn't good! This is my first year watching BIP and I'm blown away by some of the stuff that happens on there. RHONJ is a definite fave!! This season has been so great so far!

  19. 8.24.16
    Erika Powell said:

    I am right there with you on Big Brother! I loved Paulie but they he lost his mind a little. I am all the way on team James/Natalie. But I also like Paul. Michelle annoys me with all her crying. I need her to go home!

  20. 8.24.16
    Shelly @ The Queen in Between said:

    Love your honest reviews of these books!

  21. 8.24.16
    Michelle said:

    We have all the Bachelor in Paradise still on the DVR. Haven't watched one yet and might not even start. Especially now after what you said. Those shows are changing. I even feel like Bachelor/Bachelorette is different now and not in a good way. I feel like Chad got special treatment this year and for what? Being a bully? It was sad to see that ABC was lifting this guy up for being so bad. Disappointing to watch. I guess they're only about drama and ratings now it seems like.

  22. 8.24.16
    Megan said:

    I've been meaning to read one thousand gifts for years!!! I can't to hear what you think!!! And I feel like this year I've felt to old to watch the bachelor in general?? I feel significantly older than anyone on the show!! Plus all the antics. Shake my head.

  23. 8.24.16
    Kim Taylor said:

    Any and all Real Housewives!

  24. 8.24.16
    a little bit of emily said:

    So sad that all your books were just "eh" this month! RHONJ is one of my favorites. I love that Teresa is back and Siggy is becoming a favorite, too. Love how much she loves her kids and just how out there she is, but she totally owns it!

  25. 8.24.16
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Elaine…now that I fully understand! When I was teacher, I NEEDED mindless television like never before! But I had NOT heard the rumor about Evan and Carly. WHAT??!! When he watches the show, do you think he's offended at how she talks about his kissing? I'd be mortified!

    Kathy…If you're a fan of reality television, then you should give it a try. A guilty pleasure for sure. 🙂

    Sheaffer…it's BAD! Right?

    Beth…I was so confused reading that book. So many great points and then she'd throw out a really bad curse word (I'm talking the really bad ones). It's not like it slipped in a conversation. It was in a book. You know what I mean?

    Clatk…She's definitely talented, but I felt the same way. Super confused.

    Kelly…I for sure didn't love this entire set. 🙁

    Family of Foley…I agree…Chad got crazy popular because he was such a bully. Isn't that what we're teaching kids in school NOT to be? It was awful!

  26. 8.24.16
    Lindsay's Sweet World said:

    Girl I was steaming mad about the Chad and Sarah thing, too!! I told my hubs that the whole thing had to be fake and staged because SURELY ABC would not have really let those kind of things go on. I'm praying that was the case.

  27. 8.24.16
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Dressel Family…I read the Nightingale. Kind of historical fiction? I was a big fan! I need to check out that Emily Freeman book. Thanks for sharing!

    Sara-I'll check it out! Thank you!

    Johannah-I need to try that show. Tab would say I definitely don't need another show to watch, but I'd disagree. 🙂

    clatk-I know! I think the Good Girl might be a bit dark too. Seriously, after this one-I'm only reading books about unicorns. 😉

    Jennifer-I need to watch the movie. I think I read somewhere or maybe it even says it on the book cover that it was made into a movie.

    Natalie-I'm adding that to my list! Thank you for sharing!

    Kelsey-It's so ridiculous. Isn't it?

    Erika-Sounds like we're both Team Paul!!! 🙂

    Shelly-Thank you!!

    Michelle-I'd skip it and go straight to something else. Trust me.

    Megan-I'll be sure to share as soon as I'm finished. I think I've had that book in my possession for years!


    Emily-It happens…hopefully next time, I'll love them all! I'm really enjoying RHONJ as well!

  28. 8.24.16
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Lindsay-I was SHOCKED they even let it get that far.

  29. 8.24.16
    Yolanda McLean said:

    I am constantly conflicted by Glennon. I have followed and un-followed her blog so many times. Her foul language is a constant turn-off for me. Someone will share one of her blogs on social media and I will read it and I will be thinking, yes this is so good. Then she'll write something else and drop an f-bomb and I'm out again. I don't think I will give Carry On, Warrior a chance. Thanks for the heads up.

  30. 8.24.16
    Katie {The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life} said:

    Those awful comments made me so sad on BIP…I stopped watching…I am just not feeling it like last year!! And I had the same thoughts about the new Emily Giffin book that you do. Where we belong is probably my fave…and something borrowed of course!!

  31. 8.24.16
    Shelby said:

    Hi Ericka!! This is SO random lol but I remember you blogging awhile back about the shorts you buy for under Ebby Lee's dresses/skirts for school…Bella started kindergarten & was trying to remember your recommendation via a post awhile back!! Thank you so much & sorry so random lol! I am at a loss besides the MJ shorties…also! Obsessed with RHONJ…my FAV!!! Will Jacqueline & Teresa everrrr fully make-up!?

  32. 8.24.16
    Olivia at Joyfully Prudent said:

    I couldn't get through 2 chapters in 1000 Gifts…I think I'm the only one in the world though…maybe I need to read it again, but I only got through 2 chapters because of how much was raved about it. Curious to see if you like it. You know those people that use big words so much you have no idea what they're saying? I felt like every other word was like that. Granted it was shortly after I had Maddox so maybe my brain was still in a fog. 🙂 LOL.

    I'm obsessed with Bachelor in Paradise. This season is super entertaining.

    If you haven't read the series of Francine Rivers books, Lineage of Grace, I highly recommend. Easy reads, historical fiction stories of Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary. I've read 2 of them and I need to read the rest, but they're pretty interesting.

    • 8.24.16
      Jen said:

      Olivia I had the same experience with 1000 gifts…I wanted to like it and did like the concept but it was really hard to follow the language!

      Erika I was not a fan of luckiest girl alive!

      Just finished the island by elin h and liked it, not my fav though

  33. 8.24.16
    amy h said:

    Erica, I ask this in an honest and sincere way… when reading your book reviews I was totally nodding my head in agreement over Carry On, Warrior. I have the biggest love/hate with her writing and its largely due to the content and the language. However, then I kept scrolling and noticed your reviews on the television shows. How do you justify "trash" tv such as BIP and RHBH which use the very same foul language… just bleeped out?

    • 8.24.16
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Great question-I think it bothers me because I'm not expecting Bachelor in Paradise and Real Housewives to promote Christian values or beliefs. I read lots of other books that have foul language and skip right over it but I've never read a Christian author who uses "GD" so much. That's what I had problems with. Does that make sense?

  34. 8.24.16
    amy h said:

    Absolutely! Thank you for explaining your thought process.

    I, too, like to indulge in a little trash TV from time to time however, I sometimes feel I am being a hypocrite when I do. I think it is smart to categorize things the way you do instead of seeing each scenario (or in this, case TV/book) to be the same.


  35. 8.24.16
    Kelly@TheAdornedAbode.com said:

    Love your Entertainment posts, and thanks for the honesty on the books! Usually my tastes are similar to yours, but I'm opposite of you on 2 of your items this month: (1) I am actually really enjoying BIP this season! I like it better than Bachelor/ette. Yes, I know Chad is an awful person (and I do think they gave him too much air time on BIP and on Bachelorette for that matter), and there is so much ridiculous drama…but it is very entertaining to me. I live a drama-free life, thankfully, but I enjoy watching it. Even just the opening credits of that show crack me up. and (2) I love most of the Real Housewives shows, but I just could NOT get into RHONJ. I officially gave that one up the other day. Now, RHONY and OC are both awesome this season, but NJ was boring me.

  36. 8.25.16
    Unknown said:

    #friendship Paul is my favorite. Did not think I'd enjoy him as much as I do. When he said "Paulie dug his own grave and I threw PP in with it" I died. His diary room dance made me rewind I loved it so much. AND, HE WON THE VETO #holla

  37. 8.26.16
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    Chad is an awful awful person. Like mental issues, crazy-scary, will end up in jail I'm sure. I thought ABC did all kinds of tests on these people to make sure they weren't legitimately crazy before they let them on these shows?! I would love for US Weekly to dive into HIS background! I'm still TeamJames. Paul lost me a little when he got all offended when he got nominated. I hate that they all get so mad when people call them liars. They are ALL lying and ALL talking about each other behind each other's backs! That's the game!

    And RHONJ, I love!! But did you see the season finale of RHONYC?!!! I totally heart Bethenney. And Luanne is a nut. And this is officially the longest comment I've ever left on a blog. We need a girls dinner where we do nothing but discuss all this fun stuff. 🙂

  38. 8.27.16
    Terra Heck said:

    Luckiest Girl Alive sounds like an intriguing book. I've watched the first two episodes of Bachelor in Paradise. The opening sequence "Almost Paradise" is way too cheesy for me.