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We’re talking entertainment today, girls!!  The books, movies, and television shows that have been keeping me busy.

Shay let me borrow her copy of Forever Mom.  It just so happened I was reading this around they time they brought Ashby home.  As a friend who had been praying for that little girl and loved her already I wanted to snatch her up and kiss her face instantly, but this book REALLY helped me better understand the entire process.  If you’re thinking about adoption or has a friend who is, I’d strongly recommend this read.

I’d heard REALLY great things about this book and I was so unimpressed.  🙁  If you’re into flowers and romance books, this is for YOU!

I blogged about my love for this book on Monday.  I’m LOVING this one!  The perfect read for any mama!

These are on my nightstand…
Well this one is actually in my car.  I leave a book in my car for carpool and any other time I’m waiting.  I’ve also heard great things about this book too.  I’m only on chapter two, but I’ll let you know next time what I think.

This one is on my nightstand and up next.  🙂 I got this off Big Mama’s list.  She posted it almost a year ago and I’ve tried to read all of the top ten.

Ebby Lee and I had a special date on Saturday morning to see the new Cinderella.  It was SO SO good!  We both were big fans!  The little Frozen movie before Cinderella was an added bonus. 🙂

We got this movie last week.  I haven’t set through the entire movie yet, but the kids were watching it up in the playroom while I was cleaning up from dinner and Ebby Lee was laughing so loud.  She had me cracking up while doing the dishes.  They both really liked it!

Since I finished Parenthood (WAAAHHH!!) I started Gilmore Girls.  I have big plans for Tab and I to watch Breaking Bad, but he was out of town several nights over the past couple weeks.  I wanted to be able to watch something while he was gone.  So…I’m halfway through Season One and wondering why I’ve never watched before?  A great chick flick television show!

And…I was a big Whitney fan from the start, so I was pumped Chris chose her!  What about you??  Team Whitney?  Team Becca?

Shay blogged about her favorite books lately and I LOVED going back and reading all the comments.  Check it out here!  There were some great suggestions!

If you’ve read a good book lately or watched a great movie, please share!!

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  1. 3.19.15
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Confession…I've never watched Gilmore Girls. Should I start watching it right now too? And then we can discuss? I'm thinking I should. And also, you are AMAZING with Ashby! I think that's one of the reasons why she's taken to you Slaughters so quickly…you guys have tried really hard from the very beginning. xoxo

    • 3.19.15
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Awe!!! Thanks for the sweet comment!! Yes! Start watching today!!

  2. 3.19.15
    Anonymous said:

    Hi Erika, I was thinking of taking my almost 5 year old daughter to see Cinderella, do you think it is age appropriate for her? thanks for blogging…always fun to read! Eileen

    • 3.19.15
      Erika Slaughter said:

      If she's into princess movies (including not the cartoon versions) then yes!! I think she'd love it!

  3. 3.19.15
    Unknown said:

    My daughter is going this weekend with my mom. I am a little sad because I really want to see it.

  4. 3.19.15
    Elizabeth said:

    I loved Gilmore Girls!! I just finished it a few weeks ago and now on to Parenthood!! 🙂 Thank you for the book recommendations! I added a few to my list!

  5. 3.19.15
    Sara Lynn said:

    I have actually watched Gilmore Girls whole series 2 times and honestly I have thought about when I might start again. It is just one of those really good shows I can watch over and over again. Also, Breaking Bad was slow for me to get into but after reading how much Shay and her husband loved it I gave it another shot and LOVED it.

  6. 3.19.15
    Anonymous said:

    So fun!! We are loving going through parenthood! Maybe I should start up Gilmore girls too? I love these posts! 🙂 xoxo

  7. 3.19.15
    Kimm said:

    I think I need to watch Gilmore girls ! Have a great day

  8. 3.19.15
    Jersey Love said:

    I loved Whitney too! I was pulling for her the whole time…
    I never got into Gilmore Girls, but my mom did! Haah I was more of a One Tree Hill fan 😉

  9. 3.19.15
    Paula said:

    Your friendship with the Shull Family is awesome! Going the extra step to understand the process is so sweet.
    Thank you for the book recommendations!

  10. 3.19.15
    Jennifer said:

    I tried the Night Circus too and just couldn't get into it. It was a little too weird for me

  11. 3.19.15
    Elaine said:

    Hi Erika. You are so cute on this blog. I'm off subject with this, but I just started selling Rodan and Fields. In fact, my kit should arrive today. That's how new I am. Just wondering if you would have any suggestions for a newby since you have been doing it for a while? My email is esmith@cn.edu if you have words of wisdom for me! Thanks. Elaine

  12. 3.19.15
    Tanya said:

    As always, thanks for the book suggestions!

  13. 3.19.15
    Unknown said:

    I started watching Gilmoren Girls…well binge watching it….I'm about halfway through season 3! So so good….it's hard not to click "next episode".

  14. 3.19.15
    Tracy said:

    I recently finished all the seasons of Gilmore Girls! LOVE it! Enjoy!

  15. 3.19.15
    Melanie Smith said:

    I've never watched Gilmore Girls either. Oops. I have a friend who absolutely LOVES it!

    Also, I really really want to see the new Cinderella. Except I don't have children. Maybe I can borrow one for an afternoon.

  16. 3.19.15
    Unknown said:

    I love Gilmore Girls – definitely a good watch!!!

    The Night Circus is an awesome book – you will enjoy the mystery and magic

  17. 3.19.15
    Whitney said:

    Love Gilmore Girls! I finished it a few months ago. I'm actually reading The Night Circus right now! My Kindle says I'm 30% done, so I have a way to go! It's a little confusing right now, but I've heard people say the way the author ties it all together in the end is really good, so hopefully I'll love it and you will too!

  18. 3.19.15
    Cara Carroll said:

    I've never watched Gilmore Girls, but I'm just finishing up season 5 of Parenthood and am so sad it's almost over!!! I love Lauren Graham!!! Big Hero 6 is one of our most favorite animated movies! We bought it the day it came out and have been watching it every day since…which is a really nice change from the days of Frozen 😉

  19. 3.19.15
    Megan said:

    I have been watching Gilmore Girls and love it!! Its a great show that you don't really have to pay a lot of attention too!! I started watching Scandal and oh my goodness!! Amazing!!

  20. 3.19.15
    Kelly @ The OK Momma said:

    LOVE me some Gilmore Girls! I need a rainy day and nothing to do so I can binge watch.

  21. 3.19.15
    Unknown said:

    I took my daughter to see Cinderella and she is 20 yrs old! You never outgrow Disney movies. We loved it too.

  22. 3.19.15
    Andrea (127things) said:

    I have been wanting to get a copy of In This House We Will Giggle- I am going to have to order it on Amazon because they don't have it at my local bookstore. I want to see Cinderella soo badly- my 2.5 year old loves the animated princess movies but I'm thinking she is probably too young to understand this version. I love Gilmore Girls! That and One Tree Hill are my faves! I've been avoiding Parenthood because I've heard it is so sad!!

  23. 3.19.15
    Kaylee said:

    I LOVED parenthood!!! Another show that I strongly recommend that is just like parenthood is Brothers And Sisters! Another awesome show!

  24. 3.19.15
    Sarah Shaneyfelt said:

    I've heard such great things about The Boys in the boat! Night Circus looks interesting so I'm eager to hear your opinion!

  25. 3.20.15
    Erin said:

    I'm really amazed that you read a book about adopting because your friend was adopting! As an adoptive parent I am so touched! I know my friends love my kids, but sometimes they make mistakes because they don't realize it's a mistake. (Like when we first brought them home hugging and kissing all over them!) I think it's amazing that you took the time to read the literature. You are a good friend!!

  26. 3.20.15
    Leigh said:

    I love Gilmore Girls!!!!! I watched it every Tuesday night while it was on and I own every season on DVD. I super love that show. It's like Friends. I can watch it over and over.

  27. 3.23.15
    Olivia said:

    Ooh, please post what you thought of Boys in the Boat – it's on my list! Have fun in Utah 🙂