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Whoa!!  It’s been over two months since I’ve shared any books with you guys!  That first month of our move in made my reading pretty much completely stop, but since then I’ve picked it back up.  I have some good ones to share with you today.

The Matchmaker is a cute romantic novel that takes place on Nantucket.  Never in my life have I wanted to go there more!  For some reason the night I finished Tab wasn’t up for boarding a plane and heading there like I was.  #nocluewhy

I really loved the Nightingale.  When the Nazis invade France, we get to see two sisters different perspectives and how they handle the situations set before them.  I was on the edge of my seat throughout this entire book.  It was a good one!

I remember when Shay handed me this book thinking, “Uh…a book about a donkey”.  You guys it was great!  The author does a fabulous job teaching us some lessons about faith and they’re all things she learned through this donkey.  

We just thought Chris Harrison was made to be the Bachelor host.  He has other skills!!  Homeboy can WRITE!  For real!  This book was a great chick-lit read.  I don’t even know how to give you a tease without giving anything away!  haha!  But…if you like a good girly read, check this one out!

Do you guys remember Shay’s Talk Amongst Yourselves this summer about your favorite books?  I read through the comments and ordered a couple that stood out.  Longing for Paris was one of those recommendations and thank you to whoever recommended it!  The author has always longed to go to Paris, but in this book she’s decided to find Paris in her everyday life…in savoring your food (just for an example.  She includes her faith throughout the book.  It was a GREAT read!  Just one of those books that makes you want to be a better mom.  You know what I’m talking about??

I am a big Liane Moriarty fan, but this one wasn’t my favorite.  I loved the beginning and the ending, but in the middle I was waiting and waiting and waiting to figure out the secret.  I felt like it was a lot of waiting (if that makes any sense).  

The kiddos and I watched Inside Out this summer.  Everyone enjoyed it!  If you haven’t seen it, those feelings…anger, sadness, joy, and disgust make up Riley’s conscience and we get to see them fighting to be the one in control.  Really cute movie the kiddos!  

After seeing this movie, my kids were fighting over something and I stopped them and had them open their mouths and started saying, “Joy!  Joy!”  Like I was looking for her in their mouths.  It totally changed the moment from tense to us all laughing.

Someone else recommended this book on Shay’s blog, and I’m thankful for them!  Again, this book has lots of things positive moms do.  Most are things we all know to do, but just being reminded helps us as moms sometimes (I think).  I’m about halfway through, but I’d definitely recommend it.

I’ve read one other Mary Kay Andrews books and I really liked it!  The story is so good, but it’s so long!  haha!  So far, a florist is having a tough time keeping her business afloat and she’s had a run in with a cute neighbor over her dog.  I see a love interest soon.  Wink-wink!  I’ll keep you posted!

What are you guys reading??

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  1. 9.17.15
    Johannah Sirois said:

    Loved the Matchmaker!! I have Chris Harrison's book on my "to read" list. I've heard many good things about it! I will also add Longing for Paris to my list…sounds great! Thank you for the recommendations!

  2. 9.17.15
    Anonymous said:

    Great recommendations!! I put some of those on my list!! Love!

  3. 9.17.15
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Can I please, please, please borrow Save the Date and Longing for Paris??? Thank you :).

  4. 9.17.15
    Ramona said:

    I'm currently lowing through Elin Hilderbrand's entire collection. I'm on The Rumor. So far, so good. I loved Save the Date. Keep going!!!!! You'll love it. I promise. I'm going to pick up Longing for Paris and Flash! Thanks!

  5. 9.17.15
    Anonymous said:

    If you like Mary Kay Andrews, read Hissy Fit. It was the first one of hers that I read, and it is still my favorite!

  6. 9.17.15
    Anonymous said:

    You did a good job making me want to read ALL these books!

  7. 9.17.15
    Dana said:

    Elin Hilderbrand has lots of great books, but Mary Kay Andrews is hands down a favorite of mine! 🙂 All of her books are spectacular!

  8. 9.17.15
    Amanda Brezgel said:

    Thank goodness someone else didn't like The Last Anniversary. I think I got to page 5 and was like this can't be a Liane Morarity book. It was so slow and boring that I returned it to the library. My favorite Liane Morarity book has to be Big Little Lies. What Alice Forgot was great too!

  9. 9.17.15
    Leigh (Balancing By Faith) said:

    Ha – the only comment I can add is I love Inside Out — cute cute movie!! #notareader #unlessyoucountUSWeekly


  10. 9.17.15
    Janet said:

    I enjoy Mary Kay Andrews books. Loved Save the Date. Especially since the dogs in the book are goldendoodles. I have a doodle too. Will have to check out some of the other books mentioned.

  11. 9.17.15
    Unknown said:

    You must go to Nantucket! We went this summer and it was fabulous!

  12. 9.17.15
    Kelsey @ The Peacock Roost said:

    A lot of these sound really good, thanks for sharing! Right now I'm reading The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin and The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Konto. Love them both!

  13. 9.17.15
    Blake Callahan said:

    Save the Date is such a good book! One of my favorites! I'll have to put Flash on my reading list 🙂

  14. 9.17.15
    Lindsay's Sweet World said:

    I just finally finished The Girl on the Train, and now I'm starting Shopaholic to the Stars. I adore Sophie Kinsella, and have read all of the rest of the books in her Shopaholic series, so I'm really excited about this one!

  15. 9.17.15
    Heather said:

    I just picked up a copy of Power of a Positive Mom. Glad to hear it's a good read! I'm obsessed wtih all things French, so I'll have to find a copy of Longing for Paris. 🙂

  16. 9.17.15
    Trista @ The Classy Chaos said:

    Nightingale has been on my kindle for awhile now! This just may prompt me to read it! :)) thanks for the rec!