Destin-Day 6 (Aunt Katie’s Birthday)

 We hit the beach in the morning because it was our last chance to go!  You can’t really see it, but E was standing by this big alligator and turtle someone had made in the sand.
 Nix would do great in this part of the beach.  It was the part that was the fluffy sand that would stick to his feet.  He couldn’t handle it!!
 Monumental occasion…it started raining so we told the kids to run and they did…even Nixon!!!
 For Aunt Katie’s birthday, we went to dinner at The Crap Trap in Ft. Walton Beach.
 While we waited for our table, we did a little shopping.
 We had a GREAT week relaxing in the sun.  (Well…as relaxed as you can get with 3 children :))
 M with the girls…Nix slipped in.
 Bowen borrowed Uncle Brent’s hat during dinner.
 Brecken showing off his mad skills.  He attached like 10 straws together and it worked!
After dinner, we had cake and presents back at the house to celebrate Aunt Katie’s birthday.
It was such a fun week!!  Lots of great memories were made!

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