Days 4 & 5…

 Don’t you love that all those kiddo posts are popping up in the middle of the Hawaii trip?  Ugh!  Apparently, I did something wrong!
Saturday was the football game!  I mean the TRUE reason we even traveled to Hawaii in the first place right?  🙂  Tab and the crew left earlier in the day.  A couple of the wives and I ventured out a little later to make it to the game.
 I just got some warm-up pictures.
 It was the perfect weather for a football game.  There was a nice breeze the ENTIRE time.  We were sitting in the shade…so it was perfect!
 Afterwards some area officials had a little tailgating party in the parking lot.  All the guys had to wear Hawaiian attire to and from the game.  So thankful that G has a variety of Hawaiian shirts in his closet.  Tab went “shopping” there before we left.  Thanks, G!
 Our last day there we decided to have a nice relaxing day at the beach/pool.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!  We actually walked down to the beach (10 steps) to take some pictures.  Then preggo found her way right back to my clean comfy chair at the pool.
We bumped into some of the crew while we were there.  They were going to surf and paddle board. 
Super super fun trip!!  So nice to have some fun time with Tab before sleepless nights with baby #3.  We still have not solidified a name; however, I think the negotiations are finally getting us somewhere.  🙂  I hope anyway!! 
Thanks again, T-Nonnie, Grandpa, & Grandma for holding down the fort while we were away!  Our kiddos had a blast and are ready for us to leave again!!

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  1. 9.21.12
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Yay for your great trip! Can't wait to meet baby #3!!