Daddy’s 30!!!

Yesterday was Tab’s 30th birthday. The kiddos and I decided we’d make him cupcakes instead of buying them. (Because that’d be more fun, right?) Hopefully for Tab…Nixon will be able to talk next year and he’ll speak up more to represent boy stuff! For example, Ebby Lee thought Daddy would like pink cupcakes with pink icing. She also knew he’d love the Ariel plates and a Disney Princess balloon?

We made the cupcakes, put them in the oven, and then took baths. So…now they’re clean and ready to ice their cupcakes. I WAS NOT thinking when I set a warm cupcake in front of Nixon!! I really thought he was going to help me put icing on that thing! ha! I looked away for one second and this is what I saw…

He was digging into it and eating it! So…I gave them some icing to add to the top and let them go at it!! They LOVED it!


Happy Birthday Daddy! Hope you enjoyed your (pink) 30th birthday!

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