The Crib, Sick, and Godzilla…

Yesterday when Nixon woke up from his nap Ebby Lee wanted to get in there and play with him. They had a BLAST!!
Sweet girly!

His little face melts my heart!!

Brotherly/Sisterly Lovin’

Nixon had never stood up in his bed before. Within the last couple weeks, he’s started pulling up on everything. But…for some reason he hadn’t done it in his crib yet?? Anyway, he saw her stand up and since then…EVERY time I’ve gone in to get him he’s been standing!

So proud of himself!

Such a messy little eater!!

Ebby Lee has been so sick today. She’s been throwing up since she woke up!! (Do you even KNOW how many loads of laundry that means for ME??!! ha!) She hasn’t wanted anything to eat or drink. Finally, while we were eating dinner she asked for some chips! ha! I couldn’t have been happier. So, HOPEFULLY…she’s on the road to recovery!

Looks like Godzilla attacked the Little People house!! I hope this little guy stays well!

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  1. 3.10.11
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I kept wondering where Godzilla was coming into play. That's hysterical!

  2. 3.13.11
    amber leann said:

    So cute!