Come on in…Master Bedrooms

I’m loving Andrea’s “Come On In” series!!  Today we’re sharing master bedrooms.  I MUST tell you this is the part of our house that has received ZERO love.  We pretty much shampooed the carpet and that was it.  Don’t worry I have BIG plans for this room. I’m thinking new furniture, new beding, new rug, new window treatments, new wall color, new lamps.  Get the  idea? It’s gonna look great!  We’ll see how soon Tab agrees…hahaha!!  So today I’m really keepin’ it real for you!!

Sorry, this is SO dark.  (Pretty much ALL the pics are dark.  I’m so sorry!) I waited until I put the kiddos to bed to take pictures last night.  I’m trying to show you the location of our bedroom.  It’s right off the entryway/living room.  There is a small closet to the right under the stairs.  It’s our “mudroom” closet.  It houses shoes, backpacks, nap mats, etc.  

We have double doors leading in and you can barely see the closet to the right.

One of the very first blog posts I ever did was THIS ONE.  I was so excited because we’d just gotten new bedroom furniture, new bedding, and new lamps.  The room was all coming together.  Prior to that blog post we were just using hand-me-down furniture that didn’t match.  Well, that was a long time ago and times have changed!  haha!

I think I need a few more good book recommendations.  What do you think??

Sorry, these are so dark!!  I was showing that in the middle of the bay window on the floor is a basket of toys.  Sometimes B just wants to be in the same room as his mama.  Who am I kidding??  He wants to be in the same room a LOT!  So…he plays while I fold clothes.  🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by!!  I can’t wait to show you how it looks after we spice it up.  🙂

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  1. 9.9.14
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    The best part about your room is the spectacular view from those windows!! I love how huge those windows are and that they look over your pool. Gorgeous!!! I also love that you have toys in there for B :). Sweet boy loves his mama!!

  2. 9.9.14
    Kimm said:

    Love your bedding!!!!!!

  3. 9.9.14 said:

    I have almost the same bedding!
    I want to.switch them up too, but not sure what colours, i'm.almost thinking white/off white.. Am I nuts, I have 3 kids too lol

  4. 9.9.14
    Renae said:

    Nice bedroom and I love your bed.

  5. 9.9.14
    V @ X-tremely V said:

    I would love to have large windows in our room like that! And the double door too! Such a nice clean space 🙂 Super jealous that the toy bin you have in your room is one small little guy! I think our room has turned into the playroom! lol!

  6. 9.9.14
    Darcy said:

    Such a big room! How neat – and I love your bed frame. I think "heavier" furniture in the master is a good compromise for the guys, and then bedding can be made a bit more feminine for the ladies. 🙂

  7. 9.9.14
    Unknown said:

    I have the exact same bedroom furniture! I am wanting to update mine too and get a king bed.

  8. 9.9.14
    audra wray said:

    When we moved into out house I was wanting new furniture and my hubby was not wanting to have to pay for that new furniture. I found someone who built our furniture (headboard, bench, nightstands, wardrobe) for a great price plus it was custom! I just took him ideas from pinterest 🙂

  9. 9.10.14
    Kelly @ Familiar Joy said:

    What a great space! So big and uncluttered!! It will be fun to see what you come up with.

  10. 9.10.14
    Unknown said:

    Love that you have Let's All Be Brave on your nightstand. Just finished that book last week and it. was. awesome. Game changer

  11. 9.11.14
    Unknown said:

    I have the best book recommendation for you! Karen Kingsbury Redemption series. She's a Christian author and these books have been my very favorite books ever. When someone suggested them to me I wasn't very interested. When I finally picked them up and started reading I was so mad at myself for " judging a book by its cover" Best. Books. Ever!! 🙂