Christmas Memories

 When we transitioned to staying here in Texas for Christmas instead of celebrating in Missouri with family, we had to come up with some new traditions.  Our Christmas Eve is one of those.  We go to our church’s Christmas Eve service and then go have a nice dinner {typically at a steakhouse}.  We dress up and this evening feels much different than Christmas Day spent mostly in our pajamas.

I’m guessing due to 2020 you might be changing things up this holiday season.  Let this be an encouragement to you today…

I saw this meme on Instagram this week and it really hit home.  The only two gifts I can remember getting as a kid on Christmas are the Queen Greatest Hits cassette tape and a Nike wind suit that my mom coordinated all the way down to the socks.  That’s it!  But I can remember so many amazing details about what games we played, how it felt to have my entire family in a church pew at the Christmas Eve service, and always how my grandma’s house smelled on Christmas.  So I decided to poll my kids…

Ebby Lee
Best-My favorite thing is going to the Christmas Eve service as a family.
Worst-I don’t have a least favorite thing.
Best Present-My desk

Best-We get to go to the Christmas Eve Service, have a nice steak dinner and then open presents on Christmas.
Worst-I’ve got nothing.
Best Present-I can’t remember.

Best-Opening Presents
Worst-There’s too much chocolate.
Best Present-Bike

Best-Presents and Jingle Bells {her FAVORITE song at the moment}
Worst-She had nothing.
Best Present-Bike

When I asked my kids these questions, they didn’t hesitate to answer with what happens to be their favorite or best part of Christmas.  They didn’t have to think twice.  But every one of them took a long while to answer when it came to their best gift and Nixon still couldn’t come up with something.

I just wanted to send a little reminder and bit of encouragement to you today…the magic of the Christmas season is what they’ll remember when our children are all grown up.  This year in 2020 may they remember the game night you had as a family around the Christmas tree, the night you dropped off gifts to a family in need, or Christmas morning as you read about the birth of Jesus.

Here’s to not stressing about those last few days of shopping because we all know the presents won’t be remembered years from now.  Let’s make some new and magical memories this Christmas season.


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