Christmas Eve Night…

 Christmas Eve we always go to the Christmas Eve service at Aunt Rene’s church.  After the service we go back to her house for a yummy meal of appetizery (I just made that a word) food.  Check out those three sweet kiddos coloring at the table.
 Ebby Lee, Brynn, and Nixon
 David (a college student), Curt, Tab, and Bowen
 My kiddos went back for more coloring.  I obviously did a horrible job of taking pictures!!!  That’s the big difference this Christmas with 3 kiddos!!  I have probably half the pictures that I normally have.  I’ll have to keep working on that. 
We changed into our pj’s at Aunt Rene’s.  We left to go back to T-Nonnie’s but first drove through Cape County Park.  They have a lot of Christmas light displays.  Then got ready for Santa in the morning!

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