Celebrating Easter at School…

How many pictures does it take to get a good one of all 3???

3!  And…B isn’t smiling in this one!  Thursday at school we celebrated Easter with egg hunts and a party for E.  Bowen got pink eye on Monday and was contagious until 1:30.  So…Mama and Bowen got to hang out! Ebby Lee’s class had an egg hunt and then a party.  Daddy made it to both so this girl was in heaven!!  Nixon’s class had an egg hunt, but they didn’t invite the parents.  They didn’t want any crying kiddos when parents had to leave.  (They hunted in the morning.)
They look ready to hunt some eggs don’t they??
Ebby Lee and Nixon have been hiding/finding eggs in our living room for the last couple days so she was ready!

It was such a nice day…just a little windy.
LOVE this!!
Her class party theme was “Jesus is our Superhero”.  They each got a cape, arm sleeve things, and these cool glasses.  Tab said that he thought it was “Jesus is our Savior-Hero”.  So…he said that he seriously said that like 15 times at the party!  He said that he’s sure parents were thinking he was crazy saying this so much.  We were laughing so hard about it last night.  Not sure that it’s that funny while you’re reading this…sorry!
This girl had a great afternoon celebrating Easter at school with her favorite guy!

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  1. 3.13.15
    Dianna said:

    I found your blog through Shay. Anytime I find a new blog to read I have to start at the beginning so I am slowly but surely getting caught up. I laughed so hard at this post!